68 Different Kee Klamp Projects You Can Build

Kee Klamp Pipe Fittings have been in use for 80 years, and have been used for everything from securing rooftops to showcasing the latest fashion trends. We created this list of 68 unique projects that you can build with Kee Klamp. You can use the links below to jump to your favorite project category.

Project Types


    Railing has been the staple for Kee Klamp fittings for nearly 80 years now. Over in the U.K., where Kee Klamp originated, Kee Klamp fittings are used for nearly every railing. While in the U.S., we tend to rely on welding for railing, Kee Klamp built railings have been making their way into the U.S. more and more each year.

    Our customers rely on our custom solutions as well as our stair railing kits to allow them to build a railing themselves, rather than relying on a contractor or prefabricator to build one for them. The examples below are just a few that represent the different railing options built with Kee Klamp.

  1. Step Handrail

  2. Back Deck Kee Klamp Railing

    Dave built this deck to his cottage a few years ago. However, after a few years Dave figured he should install a railing to make the steps safer and easier to use. Dave's railing is a custom solution that utilizes the Wall Flange fitting to attach the railing to the side of the stairs. To attach the handrail to the railing upright the Swivel Tee in combination with the Single Socket Tee are used to create the angle.

    View this project and more like it in: "21+ Deck Railing Ideas"

    Front Steps Deck Railing

    This railing is a custom solution that provides support along the railing and edge of the deck. David wanted something that would compliment the look of his home while still offering proper support and stability. To complete the look David sprayed the railing with a textured brown paint.

  3. Balcony Railing

  4. Glass Panel Balcony Railing

    Thiselegant balcony railing was added to give this home an aesthetically pleasing look. The pipe and glass work well together giving the balcony an obstruction free view. The panels are attached in four corners using the P50 Offset Tab.

  5. Interior Loft Railing

  6. Loft Railing

    This kitchen features a modern design that is complemented by the pipe railing. The loft railing is built using Kee Klamp fittings and allows the owners of the home safe access up and down this loft area. The industrial finish pairs well with the neutral colors in the room such as the lighter colored walls and tan tiled flooring. To top it off, the table provides a nice warm finish to tie the room all together.

  7. Home Staircase Railing

  8. Staircase Railing

    Built in the mountains of western Montana, this home features a 3-story design with an 8 feet stairwell opening that continues up through the entire center of the house. The railing extends the length of the three floors providing railing for the open areas on the flooring and stairways. It sits at 36" high on the stairs and 42" high on the floors. The railing was also powder coated in a black finish to give the railing a unique look that pairs well with the colors in the home.

  9. ADA Railing

  10. ADA Railing

    ADA, or the American's with Disabilities Act, has specific requirements for railing. While there are multiple requirements to ensure a railing is ADA compliant, the biggest and most distinguishable, is the requirement that railing must be smooth and continuous. This gives the person using the railing a consistent grip for the entirety of the handrail and ensures nothing can be snagged by the railing. Our ADA fittings allow you to do just that and create a smooth railing that complies with ADA guidelines.

    For more information on ADA railing, visit our ADA Handrail page.

  11. Industrial Safety Railing

    Kee Klamp Railing at Canwick Sewage Treatment Works

    The water treatment safety railing solution was built for Canwick Sewage Treatment Works in the U.K. The railing is over 1/2 mile long and is built entirely using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. Waste water treatment facilities have many fall hazards, and larger facilities usually require thousands of feet of railing. Kee Klamp was chosen because of it's cost-effectiveness, ease-of-installation, and corrosion resistance.


    Desks are one of the most popular Kee Klamp projects that we have seen over the years. Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe you can create a pipe desk frame that can be combined with any table top. We've seen people use reclaimed wood, butcher block tables, barn doors, and glass all for different table tops for their desk. Below are a few of the different styles and types of desks you can build using Kee Klamp.

  12. Standard Desk

  13. Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk

    The desk uses reclaimed wood from an old barn joined together by angle iron to create the table top. The pipe and fittings are then painted in a dark finish to complete the look. The desk frame is built using our basic table frame kit.

    Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk

  14. Standing Desk

  15. Standing Desk

    This standing pipe desk was built by Jeff in Georgia. He had been looking for a standing desk for awhile due to an issue with his back. After some shopping around and finding solutions that were too expensive, he decided to build his own using Kee Klamp fittings. The resulting desk uses a butcher block table top from IKEA to complete the piece.

  16. Wall Mounted Desk

  17. Industrial Wall Mounted Desk

    This wall mounted desk sports a floating appearance that is achieved by using the Swivel Flange fittings. The owner, Chip, wanted to add a desk to his small, but modern studio space. So he designed a wall mounted desk of his own using industrial pipe combined with an IKEA table top. There's even LED lighting mounted underneath the desk for a more unique look.

  18. Ergonomic Desk

  19. DIY Ergonomic Computer Desk

    The ergonomic computer desk was built by Chris for his home office. He wanted something that had an ergonomic design and would fit perfectly to the change in direction of the wall. He was able to do this by using the Adjustable Side Outlet Tee fittings to match the angle of the corner. The table tops were custom built by a local carpenter for the desk frame.

  20. Rolling Recording Studio Desk

  21. Rolling Recording Desk with Microphone Stand

    This recording desk was built by Britton for his home studio. The desk frame rests on casters to make it easy to move and has a microphone support incorporated into the design. The microphone support can be extended or moved in and out by loosening the set screw to the fitting and adjusting the support. Britton painted the fittings and pipe black to hide the cables and achieve the character he was looking for.

  22. Custom Gaming Desk

  23. Custom DIY Industrial Pipe Desk for Gaming and Design

    This desk was built by Martin as a computer gaming station. The desk supports three 27" monitors placed on a recessed slot built into the custom table top. The desk also features shelves that slide in and out for easy access to the back of equipment. See more about this project here.

  24. 2-in-1 Treadmill Desk

  25. Space Frame Desk - Standing Treadmill Desk

    The treadmill desk design allows the owner to use his exercise while working. The desk frame, if you want to call it that, can be positioned at different heights to allow the user to stand, use the treadmill, or roll up a chair to sit down at the desk.


  26. Conference Table

  27. Butcher Block Conference Table

    Cissy and her company wanted a large conference table for their office that fit the brand and type of work they do; commercial development. The final result is this fantastic industrial pipe conference table that fits perfectly with the other pieces in the room. The table features a butcher block table top and everything from the chairs, colors in the room, and wood flooring make this space unique. “It was super easy designing it with the help of your staff! I was able to design over the phone and internet with staff help and all was delivered to my office!"

  28. Dining Table

  29. Dining Table

    This dining table features a custom table frame built using Kee Klamp fittings and supports a Silestone Quartz table top. Although the table top is not quite as heavy as granite, a center leg is used to provide the table additional support.

  30. Coffee Table

  31. Coffee Table - Full

    This industrial pipe coffee table was built by Gabe to complement the rest of the furniture in his apartment. In addition to the table, he also built a desk and bed using industrial pipe. The table top is made from rustic boards and the way Gabe attached them gives the table top a floating appearance.

    Build The Ultimate Bachelor Pad With Industrial Pipe

    This table was featured in our Ultimate Bachelor Pad post because it would make a perfect addition to any man's space. The neutral colors work well in this room and the rustic boards give the table a unique characteristic.

  32. Console Table

  33. Industrial Console Table

    This industrial console table was built by Bob for his home in Morristown, New Jersey. The table features reclaimed wood for the platforms while industrial pipe attached using the Flange fitting connects the wood boards together. Bob found the hair pin legs for the table at a local junk store.

  34. End Table

  35. End Table

    The above end table was built by James after seeing a similar design in a magazine. He and his son were interested in the industrial look and James wanted to get back into building furniture after 15 years of absence from the craft. The table utilizes the Flange fitting for the bases on the legs and to attach the two wood platforms together. The end table also features an outlet attached to the table legs.

  36. Laundry Room. Table

  37. laundry room folding clothes table

    Charlene built this laundry table for her and her husband's log cabin. The table frame is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe while the table top is a custom design. Wine bottle corks are placed inside the recessed inserts which are then finished with glass tops and tile. Charlene appreciated the versatility of Kee Klamp stating "The fittings made our project possible, whereas conventional pipe fittings are very limited."

    Storage & Shelving

  38. Floating Box Shelf

  39. Pipe Shelving

    This pipe shelving unit is used in a Hyundai Showroom in South Korea. The entire Hyundai showroom features industrial pipe throughout, so it made sense to continue the look wherever possible. The above unit features a design that surrounds the shelves on each side and uses the Rail Support fitting to attach each individual shelf to the frame.

    Learn how to build this exact shelf in : "5 Popular Pipe Shelves & How to Build Them"

  40. Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf

  41. Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf Example

    The above shelf is mounted to the wall using the Flange fitting and uses wood boards placed across the shelf frame to complete the piece. You can learn how to build this pipe shelf here.

  42. Rolling Shelf

  43. Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf Example

    The above shelf is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe which are then placed on casters to make the shelf easy to move around. This would make a great solution for storage racks that need to be moved around a lot. The panels at the back of the shelf are attached to the frame using the Single Sided Clip but could also be attached using either the M50 or P50 fittings.

  44. Snare Drum Rack

  45. Rolling Snare Drum Rack

    If you're storing a lot of drums, its helpful to have a rack like this. The drums can sit on their side down in between the pipes for easy storage. The above unit is 32" tall, 4.5 ft. wide, and 10" deep. The rack features casters on the bottom of the frame to make it easy to move around the studio.

    Pipe Bedframes

  46. Standard Bed

  47. Modern, Clean Pipe Bed Frame

    The above bed was built by Heather for her NYC apartment. The bed frame is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe while 1"x4" wood boards are used to support the mattress. Together, this bed frame cost about $300 for materials and you can learn how to build the exact frame in: "How to Build a Pipe Bed Frame"

    Pipe Bed Frame - Underneathe View

  48. Canopy Pipe Bed Frame

  49. Elegant Pipe Canopy Bed

    The above canopy bed was built by Marla for her spacious bedroom. The entire frame is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. The supports for the mattress are created by using the Single Socket Tee fitting to connect the pipe running across the bottom of the frame.

  50. Industrial Pipe Bunk Bed

  51. Pipe Bunk Bed

    This unique bunk bed utilizes Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to add the top bunk. The top bunk is mounted to both the wall and to the ground to provide adequate support and a ladder provides access to the top. In addition, a partial railing surrounds the top bunk to keep the little ones from falling off.


  52. Couch

  53. Rimini Pipe Couch

    Kee Klamp furniture includes couches too. This unique industrial pipe frame couch uses climbing rope and an inflatable mattress help to create the couch cushion. The ropes are strung around the pipe and tightened down to provide support for the mattress. Since Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are resistant to rust, this couch could even be used outdoors.

  54. Chairs

  55. Build The Ultimate Bachelor Pad With Industrial Pipe

    Another piece that was featured in our Ultimate Bachelor Pad post, this Kee Klamp chair would be a great addition to any man cave. The chair frame is built using Kee Klamp fittings and wood dowels. The chair then uses a car seat to complete the piece.

  56. Pipe Bar Stools

  57. Pipe Bar Stools

    The industrial stools in this coffee shop are built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. Basic wood boards are used for the seat while pipe creates the frame. The accompanying benches and tables also sport the same design that give the space a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

    You can learn how to build these exact stools in: "5 Industrial Style Pipe Chairs & How to Build Them"

  58. Lounge Chair

  59. Build The Ultimate Bachelor Pad With Industrial Pipe

    This industrial pipe lounge chair uses a pipe frame that features a curved design to make for a perfect lounge chair. Wood boards are then placed across the frame and attached to the pipe to complete the chair. The lighter colored wood pairs well with the industrial finish of the pipe.

    Other Kee Klamp Furniture

  60. Kitchen Island

  61. Kitchen Rolling Table

    This kitchen island was built by Margaret using our Basic Table Frame Kit as a template and she added her own unique features from there. The island features a dark butcher block table top that measures 25" x 48" which can accompany fix to six people to fit around it comfortably. The frame features casters on the bottom of the legs to make it possible to easily move the table around the kitchen.

  62. Work Benches

  63. Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

    This work bench features Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to create the shelving unit to provide for a clean, clutter-free work space. The shelf is mounted to both the wall and table top of the work bench. Integrated lighting is then attached to the top shelf support to fully illuminate the space.

  64. Entertainment Centers

  65. Build The Ultimate Bachelor Pad With Industrial Pipe

    This entertainment center features a basic design that utilizes industrial pipe for the frame and wood planks for the shelves. Casters on the bottom of the frame legs make the entertainment center easy to move and it makes for a perfect gaming station.

    DIY Entertainment Center

    After moving to a new apartment, Duncan needed a larger than normal shelving unit to fit in with the higher ceilings. Since he always loved the old school retro look of the Ralph Lauren shops, he decided to mimic their design in this entertainment center. Industrial pipe is used to create the frame while wood boards are used to complete the shelves.

  66. Open Closet

  67. 5 Tips For Better Closet Management With Industrial Pipe

    Some of us just don't have the necessary closet space for all of our clothing. As an alternative, "open closets" are a great way to compensate and take advantage of any extra floor space. These can range from simple pipe clothing racks to a full blown clothing storage space with integrated shelving. The unit pictured above is a clothing rack mounted to the wall and ground. It looks great and is a good way to showcase your clothing.

  68. Coat Rack

  69. Kee Klamp Coat Rack

    Since mostly every bit of furniture in the Simplified Building office (desks, tables, cubicles, etc.) is built using Kee Klamp, we even went so far to built a coat rack with the fittings too. Learn how you can build this exact coat rack in: "How to Build an Industrial Pipe Coat Rack in 10 Steps"

    Kee Klamp Coat Rack

  70. Curtain Rod

  71. Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

    Allison from Golden Sycamore built this custom curtain rod for her bedroom. The pipe and fittings have been distressed to give the metal an aged look. She covers her exact method of achieving the look here. The curtain rod can easily be replicated using just one length of pipe and two Rail Support fittings.

    Antique Gold Curtain Rod

    Kimberly from Swoon Worthy built this custom, antique curtain rod for her bathroom as part of a remodeling project. The curtain rod uses just one length of pipe in combination with two Flange fittings to complete the piece. Read more about the antique curtain rod project.

  72. Drawer Handle

  73. Cabinet Door Pulls

    Using industrial pipe on things likes dresser drawers or cabinet doors can be a great way to give a piece of furniture a more unique look. The handles on this cabinet are built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. The design is fairly simple using just one length of pipe for each handle that is then attached using two Rail Support fittings.

    Dresser Drawer Handles

    Again, using industrial pipe for the handles on this dresser gives it a unique look while using a simple design. The handles use one length of pipe that is attached using two Rail Support fittings on each end. The ends of the pipe are left exposed to give it a more industrial look but could also be capped off using the Malleable Plug fitting.

    Retail Pipe Structures

  74. Display Tables

  75. Retail Display Table with Glass Top

    Retail display tables are great for showcasing small items or just about any other merchandise that can not be easily stored on a clothing rack. The table above was created by Jack Wilson, an architect, for a small clothing store, Broad Street Clothing, in Thomasville, Georgia. Size 8 pipe and fittings are used to create the frame and a glass table top is used to complete the piece.

  76. Retail Clothing Racks

  77. Rolling Clothing Racks

    Clothing racks are a popular application for Kee Klamp fittings. We offer an entire line of kittted retail clothing racks to make clothing rack design and installation simple. You also have the opportunity to design custom retail clothing racks with us. The above clothing racks are featured in Universal Sole, a clothing stored located in downtown Chicago. Several different clothing rack styles can be seen here including rolling and wall mounted clothing racks.

  78. Window Displays

  79. Motorcycle Helmet Retail Display

    Kee Klamp can also be used for custom display solutions like this motorcycle window display pictured above. The helmets are set onto individual pieces of pipe that are tee'd off from the main support running across the window. The display can also support hanging items such as clothing or bags.

    Motocycle Helmet Retail Display

  80. Customer Counter

  81. Customer Counter

    The above unit functions as a reception counter and work space built by Kelly for her laundry mat. The counter is 13 feet long providing shelving and space for the laundry's wash and fold products.


    Customer Counter

  82. Industrial Clothing Rack

  83. Industrial Clothing Rack

    The above clothing racks were built by Chris to house nearly 10,000 garments for his online clothing store. Chris was expanding his business and moving into a new warehouse where he would need a solution that was strong and easy to assemble. Chris chose Kee Klamp for it's superior strength and the ability to assemble the clothing racks himself. See our Industrial Clothing Racks page for more information on projects like this one.


  84. Banner Frames

  85. Outdoor Banner Frame

    Outdoor banner frames have been a popular choice for displaying advertisements in the Netherlands and are now starting to catch on here in the U.S. These Kee Klamp built frames are great for this application because they can be adjusted to compensate for different banner sizes and since the fittings are resistant to rust, they are a great solution for outdoor frames. The one above is staked into the ground and the banner is attached using bungees.

  86. Wall Display

  87. Build The Ultimate Bachelor Pad With Industrial Pipe

    Similar to the banner frame above, this wall display is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. The banner is then attached using bungees or zip ties. It's a unique way to showcase posters, banners, or other print and decorative pieces.

  88. Art Display

  89. Custom Art Display Panels

    The Custom Art Display exhibit was featured at the Pompidou Center in Paris, France. The designer of the exhibit, Bernard Tschumi, needed a flexible solution to create something unique and that would properly showcase the different pieces. Kee Klamp allowed Bernard to build different shapes within the structure and overall, he was very satisfied with how it turned out.

    Custom Art Display Panels

  90. Art Structures

  91. Boomerracks Bike Racks

    This unique art structure is both a piece of art and a bike rack. The structure combines existing bike parts with Kee Klamp fittings to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The structures are meant to place an emphasis on reusing and recycling existing materials into new, functional pieces.

    Boomerracks Bike Racks

  92. Museum Exhibits

  93. Mobile Row House Exhibit

    This museum exhibit project in Mobile, Alabama is an exhibit on row houses. The row house frame was constructed with pipe and Kee Klamp pipe fittings. The frame features a simple design that is easy to assemble and straight forward to work with.

    Mobile Row House Exhibit

  94. Trade Show Booths

  95. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    This trade show booth, put together by Hunite, takes advantage of the simplicity of using Kee Klamp to build a display. It uses fittings and pipe to create the frame and then uses bungee cords to attach a pair of large banners. It doesn't get much simpler than that. This type of display allows Hunite to easily assemble and deconstruct their display in a short amount of time.


  96. Lighting Grid Support

  97. Kee Klamp Lighting Grid

    One of our customers needed to build a light grid for their clients photo shoot area. That's when they turned to Kee Klamp for a solution. They built the support using Kee Klamp fittings and attached to two sides of the building as well as some angled rafters. 

  98. Wall Mounted Lighting

  99. Industrial Style Lighting

    This wall mounted light is so simple it requires only one fitting to build, the Standard Vertical Railing Base fitting. The fitting mounts to the wall on one side and typically allows one pipe to slide into the socket end on the other. However, with a bit of wiring and modification to the fitting, you can create a light like the one pictured above.

  100. Lamp Support

  101. Lamp Support

    This lamp support was built by Daniel for the kitchen in his home. The support is attached to the wall using Rail Support fittings and then extends out to center of the kitchen table. The wiring for the light runs through the interior of the fittings and pipe.

    Home & Garden

  102. Home Garden Sanctuary

  103. Teenage Garden Sanctuary made with Kee Klamp Fittings

    This sanctuary features Kee Klamp fittings in two places: the railing surrounding the garden and in the construction of the center structure. The sanctuary was created by 12 Garden Design and is meant to act as a retreat for teens to study, relax, and socialize.

    Teenage Garden Sanctuary made with Kee Klamp Fittings

  104. Vine Trellis

  105. Backyard Grape Vine Trellis - Pipe & Wire

    The above Trellis was built to support an existing vine but also allow it to extend out and over the driveway. The Trellis uses the Flange fitting to attach the structure to the garage and the Standard Railing Flange to mount the structure to the ground.

    See the complete build out of this project in: "Building a Backyard Grape Vine Trellis with Pipe and Wire"

  106. Greenhouses

  107. Make a Garden Greenhouse

    This greenhouse was constructed by a retired contractor who enjoys growing his own vegetables. Robert was looking for a way to build a structure to protect his plants and came across Kee Klamp fittings. The greenhouse is about 18 feet long, 10 feet wide and about 7 feet tall.

    Large Commercial Greenhouse - Inside

    The creators of the above greenhouse turned to Kee Klamp to help them meet a unique set of requirements. Their customer's needs required there to be no welding of the metal structure that would form the greenhouse. Kee Klamp solved that problem allowing them to build a greenhouse that was easy to assemble, durable, and provided a proper amount of support and strength.

  108. Awning

  109. frame close up

    The above awning structure was built by a family in England to keep the rain off during the wet months. The concept is a great way to shelter an area from the rain while allowing the sunshine to come through. Read more about this project here.

  110. Sukkah

  111. 101 Things You Can Build With Kee Klamp

    A Sukkah is a temporary hut used to eat meals in during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The above Sukkah was built by Ira and most of the structure has been in use for nearly 23 years. Each year Ira builds the structure to be kept up for 2 weeks and then is dissassmbled and stored away for the rest of the year.

    101 Things You Can Build With Kee Klamp

  112. Shade Structure

  113. Porch Shade Supports for the Solar Decathlon

    The shade structure for this house needed to follow the same aesthetic as the rest of the structure; it needed to be elegant, understated, and incredibly strong, yet be quick to assemble and disassemble. That's where Kee Klamp was able to fit the bill. Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are used to create the frame allowing it to be removed easily and gives the structure a minimalistic design.

    Sports Equipment

  114. Playground Structures

  115. Playground Structure

    The above structure doubles as a playground unit for to children to play on as well as a Parkour structure. Kee Klamp works great for this project since it is super strong and sturdy. The Single Swivel Socket, 30 to 60 Degree Single Socket Tee, and 45 Degree Single Socket Tee are all used in this project to create the different angles within the structure.

    Playground Structure

  116. Pull-Up Bar Structures

  117. Wall Mounted Crossfit Pull Up Rack

    The above pull-up bar was built for a Cross Fit gym in Saint Augustine, Florida. When looking for a pull-up rack solution, Cross Fit Vulcan found quite a few systems. However, nearly all of them were either too expensive and/or not very flexible. After some further research they found Kee Klamp and were able to build a structure that met all of their needs.

  118. Parkour Structures

  119. Kee Klamp Parkour Structure at Base Fitness

    This parkour structure was constructed by Ayren at Base Fitness. The design is based off a similar structure build by Street Movement in Denmark. The angled braces at the corners of the structure provide extra support to keep the unit from swaying from the weight of laches and other movements.

    We have featured many other parkour structures built with Kee Klamp on our site and even created an article specifically on building Parkour structures which you can find here: "DIY Parkour Gym Equipment: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Structures"

  120. Obstacle Race Pipe Structures

  121. Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

    The above cargo net obstacle was built by the Spartan Race to provide a unique challenge to its participants. Being that there could be multiple people on the structure at any one time, it needed to be super strong. Spartan Race trusted Kee Klamp to provide the necessary support they needed for the structure and they have been happy ever since.

    Spartan Race Obstacles

  122. Gymnastic Bar

  123. Build A Home Gym From Industrial Pipe

    The horizontal bar on this gymnastics equipment can be adjusted in height. This makes it possible to adjust the bar for different users based on their skill and ability level. Read more about this project in: "Build an Entire Home Gym from Industrial Pipe"

  124. Soccer Goal Posts

  125. Portable Soccer Goal

    The above soccer goal was built by Rachel in Upstate, New York for a youth recreational soccer league. Originally, she planned to build the structure using PVC for cost saving purposes. However, over time, PVC can become brittle and break. She needed a much more rugged and durable solution yet that was still portable. Kee Klamp fit the bill allowing her to build a much more solid goal that could be disassembled for transport.

  126. Pipe Monkey Bars

  127. Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

    Again, another structure built by the Spartan Race, these monkey bars provide for a great obstacle for their participants. The Kee Klamp built structure is perfect for the race as the fittings and pipe provide for a super sturdy and strong structure that can support the amount of abuse it will go through. The structure can be disassembled and reassembled to make it easier to transport to each venue.

    Obstacle Racing Monkey Bars

  128. Volleyball/Punching Bag Station

  129. Build A Home Gym From Industrial Pipe

    This unique use of Kee Klamp fittings creates a station for Volleyball practice inside the house without having to worry about breaking anything. It's used to build hand and eye coordination, speed, and strength. The volleyball is attached to the frame using bungee cords. This design could also be used to support a speed punching bag.

  130. Ballet Barre

  131. DIY Freestanding Ballet Barre

    The above ballet barre uses aluminum fittings and pipe to create a sturdy structure that is also lightweight. The top bar is set at 42" high while the lower bar is adjustable in height. The barre looks great and one of the best features is that it can be disassembled for storage.

  132. Lacrosse Net

  133. Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

    The above lacrosse net was built by Dan for his son to practice in their backyard. Rather than use PVC, which would be too lightweight and brittle, Dan decided to use Kee Klamp for the structure. This allowed the net to have an adequate amount of weight to ensure it won't go flying off in a strong gust of wind. It also allows the structure to be portable since the net can be disassembled and reassembled for transport.

  134. BMX Bike Display

  135. Kee Lite Bike Obstacles

    The above obstacles were used in a BMX bike display in the U.K. The obstacles use aluminum fittings to keep the structures lightweight yet still solid and sturdy. Using fittings also means that the structures can be modified in the future to make the course easier or harder. Read more about this project here.

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