Rolling Snare Drum Rack

Rolling Snare Drum Rack

If you're storing a lot of drums, its helpful to have a rack like this. The drum can sit on their side down in between the pipes for easy storage. This snare drum rack was made using slip-on pipe fittings and pipe. Slip-on fittings, like Kee Klamp, do not require any welding or threading.The entire structure was then attached to casters to make it easy roll around.

This is what the maker of the rack had to say:

Me and a buddy of mine just built this snare rack today. We used 1" aluminum pipe and it's very sturdy. The raw materials ended up being a little over $300, so it wasn't cheap but I'm very happy I went with aluminum over wood. We put casters on the bottom which I'm not sure I'll keep. As far as putting it together, the hardest part was cutting the pipe, but the assembly was very easy and quick. I took an old drum rug, cut some strips out of it to wrap around the bars. I worked out really well and I'm very pumped. No more tripping over snares that are lying all over the floor!

Later they added this about the size of the snare drum rack:

It's 32" tall, 4.5 ft. wide, 10 inches deep.

This project could be improved upon by slipping the casters into the upright pipes of the shelves, such as in this rolling desk.

[via Gear Sluz]

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