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It’s important to know that the handrail that you install is going to meet or exceed the requirements for ADA. Our ADA handraiils will do just that. If you are unsure what the ADA requires for guardrail, then you can connect with our experts or read our ADA Code explanation.

wooden ramp with ADA railing
ADA railing on concrete ramp
Available Team and Components

Have the Railing When You Need It

Buying an ADA handrail system may not help you if you can’t get it in time. Whether you need to open your store or meet a corporate deadline, our ADA handrail components are available. This will allow your clients and employees to have safe access as soon as possible.

Easy to Install

Save Stress on Installation

The component-based ADA handrail does not require any specialty labor. So, you can hire your favorite local contractor or even put your hand to the tools and do it yourself.

ADA railing closeup
ADA handrails on a concrete ramp
Easy to Customize

Simple to Design ADA Railings

The variety of components available allow for handrails that can fit your needs. If you have a dogleg stair, a switchback ramp, or other unique circumstance, there is a fitting that can help you design the ADA compliant handrail that you need.

A Caring Team

Let's Do It Together

It's starts with our team. Each person you speak with will care about all parts of the project, from the people who need the railing to the budget you have to protect those people. We know you care. So do we.

Aaron Reed, Simplified Team

From Concept to Completion

What to Expect When Working with Simplified Building

Examples of Customers' ADA Handrails

Graeme S.

Graeme S.

Hodgenville, KY
Adele P.

Adele P.

Philadelphia, PA
Greg H.

Greg H.

Kernersville, NC
Jim G.

Jim G.

Marietta, GA
Tony W.

Tony W.

Ellenton, SC
Abagail M.

Abagail M.

Frankford, DE
Sergio R.

Sergio R.

Chicago, IL

I am a woodworker and have never done metal work including welding. I needed to build 2 ADA approved Handrails for this ramp. Since I do not do welding I went online for alternate methods. I saw your site and it seemed to be my answer. I was able to build the entire handrail system by myself. It was not complicated and achieved everything I hoped it would. And it looks great. Plus it meets everybody's code.

Jim G.
Marietta, Georgia

ADA Railing FAQs

What is ADA compliant railing?

The handrail must be located on both sides of the stairway, ramp, etc. The handrail must be a consistent height (between 34 and 38 inches) above the walking surface. No matter which side of a stairway or ramp a person chooses to use, they should have a handrail. There must also be at least 36 inches of space between the two railings to allow wheelchairs and people to pass through.

What height should ADA handrail be?

34 inches. The current ADA standards dictate the height of an ADA handrail must be a minimum of 34 inches and a maximum of 38 inches from the walking surface to the top of your grab rail. The height of your handrail must also remain consistent above walking surfaces, stair nosings, and ramps.

Do I need handrails on both sides of a stairway or ramp?

Yes. Railing is required on both sides.

What size should my ADA handrail be?

The ADA handrail diameter must be between 1¼ and 2 inches with a perimeter dimension of 4 inches minimum and 6¼ inches maximum. If the handrail is non-circular, it must be a maximum of 2 ¼ inch in diameter.

Do I need a single or double handrail?

It depends on the project. We need to take into consideration if it is at a school or commercial building, and also if it's a stairway or ramp, and how long or what the rise is. We can work with you to find a solution. Just give us a call.

Do I need ADA compliant railing for my home?

No. Residential homes are not required to have ADA compliant handrail unless your insurance company pays for it.

Let Us Help You Become ADA Compliant

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