Kits Make it Easy to Stay Healthy and Active

Staying healthy and active is a must. Gym memberships can be costly and sometimes you just can't leave your home to work out. Our sports & gym kits were designed to help you get in shape from the comfort of your own home while being extremely versatile. Say goodbye to bulky and hard-to-move equipment. Each and every one of our kits can be taken down and put up in a matter of minutes. Step up your home gym game.

Have Something Specific In Mind?


Our experts will help you create a fitness system that fits your needs.

Easy kits and custom structures

To help you achieve your fitness goals

Kit your home gym with DIY exercise equipment

If you love working out at home then you probably considered kitting out your own exercising space in a spare room, your garage or even outdoors. Our pipe and fittings can help you build the perfect DIY gym equipment to suit the space that you have available.

home gym workout structure
back garden gym training

Quick delivery so you can enjoy your home workout as soon as possible

Our pre-kitted equipment is ready to ship and be delivered to you within 3-5 working days. If you are looking for a custom system, lead time depends on the difficulty of the design and its size, but rest assured that we will do our very best to serve you as quickly as possible.

As heavy duty or lightweight as you need it

Looking for a system built for your spesific needs but not sure what material to go for? The metal you choose depends on the type of equipment you want to build. Choose heavy duty galvanised steel for strength or lightweight aluminium for gentler sports such as ballet or pilates.

barre workout equipment made of aluminium
galvanised steel and aluminium tube

Designed to last a lifetime

The materials we use for our equipment are incredibly sturdy and resistant. Galvanised steel is seriously heavy duty and can hold a lot without bending, while aluminium is lightweight and sleek. Both materials are weatherproof, rust proof and hardwearing, to ensure that you get the best use of these for years (or even decades) to come.

Multi-functional and incredibly versatile

We designed our home workout kits with multifunctionality in mind. We know what it is like to buy equipment that takes up a lot of space and gets rarely used. The workout tower is designed to help you achieve full body strength, including various sections that will help you perform multiple exercises and train various muscle groups. Think of it as a multi-gym! Our barres can, again, be used for a variety of exercises, from ballet, barre, pilates and whatever you can think of!

athletic training diy structure
men's fitness obstacles for calisthenics

For outdoor or indoor use

You don’t have to decide where to keep the workout kit right now! Thanks to the materials we use, your new workout equipment can be kept indoors or outdoor without any rusting or weather damage, ensuring that your kit is ready to use whenever you need it.

Super easy to assemble

The best part of our gym kits is that installation is straight-forward and requires no specialist tools, which means that you can easily put them together at home. The fittings slide onto the tube sections and are set in place using a simple allen key (included in the kit).

pipe size comparison
chase tag and parkour custom equipment

We can help you build anything

Looking to work out at home? Do you have an idea of a gym equipment that you would like to build? Then we can help out. Send us a sketch or a photo of the system you have in mind, together with the measurements and our team will help your idea come to life.

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