Pipe & Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen Island

Rolling Kitchen Island

Wendy from Vermont designed and built this rolling kitchen island using Kee Klamp pipe fittings, pipe and a butcher block. She set the entire unit on casters to make it able to be moved around in the kitchen. Kee Klamp brings an industrial chic to the environment and the butcher block counter top makes a very functional addition to the space.

The pipe and fitting design made it possible for the island to have a custom height. Simply cutting the pipe to the appropriate length made the island the perfect height for Wendy. Kee Klamp fittings are easy to attach. No threading or drilling. A set screw is tightened forming a strong, industrial connection.

Rolling Kitchen Island - Detail

The butcher block top was attached to the pipe and fitting frame with standard pipe hanger clamps. These pipe clamps hold the butcher block onto the structure with a few small screws.

Rolling Kitchen Island - Detail

At the bottom of the unit Wendy placed the entire structure on casters. The extra large flanges serve as a "bumper" for the caster which keeps the wheel protected. The large flanges also serve as an attachment point for the type of casters that Wendy used on the bottom of the kitchen Island. We also have casters which mount directly into the pipe.

Rolling Kitchen Island

This project is another great example of the different kinds of industrial furniture that can be built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. The list of fittings used in this project is below. Use it as inspiration to start your own project and build your own unique piece of pipe furniture for your home or office.

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