Foot Rails for a Stainless Steel Pub Table

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

This table was created by one of our customers who was putting together a pub table with a stainless steel top and foot rails made from pipe. Brad tells us a bit about his table and how Kee Klamp pipe fittings fit into the project:

My friend wanted a stainless steel pub style table. I wanted to make the lower foot rail using pipe to give the table a more industrial look rather than use wood. I originally intended to use 1" pipe flanges on all four sides but the wooden legs are not equal in dimension on each side and the flanges would only fit in one direction. I purchased the single socket tees to run the pipe rail in the long direction.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

Brad usage of Kee Klamp gave his project the industrial look he was looking for. The table foot rails are made of 1" schedule 40 pipe that is received by the Kee Klamp fittings. Because Kee Klamp is so easy to install it also made the bracing easy to attach and adjust to the right length.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

The fittings made it easy to attach the foot rail to the bottom of the table structure. This kind of foot rail could be used to retrofit just about any kind of table.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

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Because Brad sent us these pictures of his project, we'll be sending him an SBC T-shirt. Send us pictures of your next project that uses Kee Klamp or Kee Lite and you can earn a Simplified T for yourself!

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