Granite Top Floating Kitchen Island

Grantie Top Floating Kitchen Island

Jerry from Massachusetts wanted to build a kitchen island that could be moved about in his small kitchen. Seeing a table built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings on our web site, he decided that with a bit of paint, casters and a granite counter top he could build a very functional kitchen island that could be moved about when necessary.

Grantie Top Floating Kitchen Island

The frame that supports the granite counter top is made of Kee Lite pipe fittings and pipe. Jerry used the same configuration as found in the Maker Table. To give the base a more finished look he had the pipe and pipe fittings powder coated. Powder coating is a baked on paint that is very durable. This service is available for an additional charge.

The casters are industrial grade and make it easy to move the island about the kitchen. Two of the casters have breaking mechanisms so that the floating island will stay stationary.

Grantie Top Floating Kitchen Island

Neoprene gaskets support the granite top on the pipe frame. Jerry thought that clips might be necessary to attach the granite top to the frame, but was comfortable with the top being held in place by its own weight.

Adding a few stools to the kitchen island completes the feature and makes it a great place for a quick breakfast or lunch.

Jerry earned a T-shirt for sending us pictures of his project. If you found this project inspirational, checkout our other table projects. If you need help designing a table for your home or office, contact our projects team and we'll help you get started.

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