DIY Pipe Table - Use With Any Wood Table Top

Simple Table Design

One of the great things about this pipe table project is that you can use this setup with just about any table top that you can screw into. Instead of using an existing table top from IKEA, you could use a butcher block, a door, or just about any surface you can mount into. The metal pipe structure will give your structure lots of strength and an industrial look. We hope you'll try to build your own pipe table and then share it with us!

In our project gallery you will find other pipe table structures made with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. In this project we want to show how you can build your own simple pipe table in a few minutes.

Here are the materials and some of the tools that you will need for this project for the project.

Simple Table Design


Depending on the table top and the type of pipe you use, you can pull this project together for under $100.


Simple Pipe Table 101

The assembly of this table is almost so simple that it seems ridiculous to document the steps. But everyone loves a good picture tutorial, so here we go!


Attach the Flanges to the Bottom of the Table

You can measure if you like, but for this kind of project you can almost "eye" it. You want to get the flanges an equal distance away from the four corners of the table top. These flanges will attach to the pipe.

Attach the Flange

Using the appropriate length wood screw, attach the flange to the bottom of the table top.


Attach the Legs

Now for the complicated part (just kidding.. we said this was simple). Place the pipes into the flange and tighten the set screw. You can use a fancy wrench if you want, but a normal allen key will do.

Let me level with you,, the great part about these fittings is that there is some room for adjustability. If you don't have a perfectly flat floor (or your pipes are slightly different in length) - no problem - adjust the pipe in the flange and tighten the set screw down when the wobble is gone. You can easily adjust each of the legs by up to 1/2" inch.

Attaching the Pipe to the Table

Attaching the Pipe to the Table


Finish the Legs

The open end is then closed with a plastic plug. The end of cut pipe can be jagged. The plastic caps form a smooth surface and prevent damage to the floor and help the pipe table to slide more easily across the floor.

Simple Table Design

Depending on location, flooring and personal preferences, you can finish off the pipe ends in various ways. You can use different kinds of flanges, and even casters! (Like this rolling table below)

Rolling Picnic Deck Table


Your pipe table should now look something like this!

Now you probably won't want to leave the table sitting like this, but this is the rough idea of how the legs are laid out.

Simple Table Design

Flip the pipe table over and it will look like this! Viola! An amazingly simple way to construct a desk or table. No threading of pipe, just a few screws, a little pounding and the turning of an allen key!

Simple Table Design


Your Turn... Build Something Awesome

Kee Klamp fittings make it so simple to build with pipe. We hope you'll build something awesome and then share it with us so we can feature it right here on the web site! Check out some of the projects below, for more amazing pipe table structures.

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