Heavy-Duty Storage

Our industrial clothing racks have the strength to store your full stock of inventory. Winter coats, suit jackets, it doesn’t matter, our clothing racks can support it all.

Easy to Assemble

Simple Assembly

Most clothing rack designs can be installed by a couple people with a few simple tools. You can have your new clothing rack installed in no time!

Expansion packs and kits

Easily Expandable

Looking to add a new line of clothing? Our modular pipe and fittings system allows you to easily expand your clothing storage.

Expert Advice

Design Assistance

Our team of experts are available to help you with your design to create the perfect clothing rack for your space.

Store More with Industrial Clothing Racks

warehouse clothing racks

Industrial Strength Storage

Our clothing racks are designed to support the weight and size of all types of clothing.

Whether it’s wedding dresses, large costumes, or sporting equipment, our industrial clothing racks can hold it all.

Our clothing racks can be wall-mounted or free standing. Both styles have the industrial strength to hold more clothing. This will increase the amount of inventory you can store in your backroom or warehouse.

Expand Your Future Storage

As your business moves or expands, your clothing rack can be modified to expand with you. There's no welding in our clothing racks, so you can add more pipe and fittings to your existing clothing rack to expand your clothing storage.

This system isn't just a one year investment. This is a multi-year, long-term clothing rack that can move and grow with your business.

From starting out at home, to having your own storefront, your clothing rack will be there every step of the way.

warehouse storage rack
wall mounted clothing racks

Easy Assembly and Modification

The modular pipe and fittings system allows you to easily assemble and install your own industrial clothing rack.

With just a few simple tools like a hex key and drill, a small team can have your new clothing racks assembled in a single day.

This system also allows you to modify your design in case you want or need a change in the layout of your storage room.

Clothing Rack FAQs

How much weight can the clothing rack support?

It depends on how the clothing rack is designed and what type of clothing it is holding. While there is no exact number in terms of weight it can support. The main way to think about it is that the more supports you have, the more weight it can hold. And the smaller or lighter the clothing, the more it can hold.

What type of clothing can the rack hold?

All types! Our heavy-duty clothing racks can support all types of clothing from lighter childrens clothing, to heavier suits and jackets.

What size pipe should I use?

We recommend size 6 pipe, aka 1 inch with an OD of 1.315 inches. This will best fit hangers on your rack.

Can I get my pipe locally?

Yes. You can just buy the fittings from us. However, it best for your system to be consistent throughout so that you won't have to worry about possible size differences. If you do buy locally, make sure that it is schedule 40 non-threaded size 6 (1 inch with an OD of 1.315 inches) pipe.

How often do I need a vertical or horizontal support?

We recommend no more than 6 feet of vertical or horizontal separation before another support. This will help ensure the strength and stability of the clothing rack and prevent the pipe from bowing.

How much room do I need for a clothing rack?

Any amount of room. The modular pipe and fittings system can fit in the smallest of back rooms to the largest of warehouses. Whatever space you need filled, our system can fill it.

Are the clothing racks free standing or mounted?

Both. We are able to help design free standing and mounted clothing racks. The free standing can be easily moved around your storage room and the mounted racks can easily screw into the wall and floor to provide greater stability.

What special features do these clothing racks offer?

Our clothing racks offer the ability to be modified to fit any storage room, and can be altered if you so desire to change your original layout. We also have the ability to mount to the wall, ground, or you can add casters to make your free standing rack more mobile.

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