How to Build Your Own Custom Conference Table

Kee Lite Conference Table

As a small business owner perhaps you want to build your own conference table. Perhaps you want to build something unique and something that will be affordable. That is what these folks did. Using a Kee Lite aluminum fitting base, rubber padding and a tempered glass table top they built themselves an elegant looking custom conference table.

Kee Lite Table Base

The base of this table is constructed from Kee Lite aluminum fittings and aluminum tube. The fittings are simple to use. The pipe slides into the fitting and then the fitting is tightened down with a set screw. There is no threading or welding. Once the pipe cuts are made the actual base structure will go together in a matter of minutes, that's how easy the fittings are to use. The structure seen here is very simple.

Kee Lite Conference Table

Here is a list of fittings for the table.

Fittings for Each Leg

Parts you'll need for the legs

Additional Supplies
  • Rubber Pad - This can be made of rubber padding material from a home store. Simply cut it out and glue it onto the bottom of the fitting.

Kee Lite Conference Table

Fittings for Central Support Structure

Kee Lite Conference Table

A Note about Pipe & Tube

I have not included the pipe lengths because I am not sure of what they are precisely. One of the advantages of using this system is that you can change the size to suit your environment. I recommend buying some longer lengths and cutting the pipe down on site.

Glass Top

The glass top for this table was purchased through a local glass dealer. Most cities have a local glass dealer who can provide you with a glass top cut to your exact dimensions. The glass top is by far the most expensive part of this table.

Make it Your Own

Using the principals in this project you could easily expand the idea to build a table of any size. Using more bases you could expand the table to be as large as you needed. Additionally you could opt for other types of table tops that would give your conference table a different feel. Using wood or metal you could create your own unique conference table.

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