Build Your Own Industrial Desk with Simple Table

Have you ever wanted to build your own desk but thought it would be too complicated? We've simplified the process with the advent of our new Simple Table desk frame kits. Simple Table desk frames are pipe and fittings frames that can be used to support any desktop material. Whether you want to use a piece of reclaimed wood, a door, concrete, glass, you name it! You can now build your own unique desk using a Simple Table desk frame.

The concept is simple, you tell us the size of the desktop that you want to use and the height of the desk frame, select an option for the footing (yes, we have casters), and we do the rest. Ordering is fast and simple. Simple Table has launched with four pipe frame designs.

Four Designs to Choose From

We've been helping our customers design their own custom desk frames for years, and these designs come out of that experience. Here is a quick overview of the four different desk frames that are available.

Simple Table Kits

Simple Table™ Kits

  • Modern, minimalistic look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Customize the height and width
  • Heavy-duty construction
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Still Want to Go Custom - Go For It

If what you see here doesn't quite fit what you want to do, we still offer free project assistance to help you design the desk that you want.

Check Out What Our Customers Have Built

Need some inspiration? Check out some photos in our customer photo gallery.

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