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As the founder of Simplified Building Concepts I wanted to have an office that reflected the amazing home and office applications of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. I've been building pipe furniture for over 6 years and I never cease to be amazed with the new ideas and arrangements that can be created with these simple, but profound, building materials. My office renovation allowed me the opportunity to implement and expand upon so many amazing furniture projects that I've seen produced over the past several years. Below is a complete list of the projects contained in my home office. Each project has step-by-step instructions, along with the costs and parts needed for building each piece. I hope that you'll be inspired to build your own pipe furniture with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

  • Custom Ergonomic Computer Desk [Revisited]

    Custom Ergonomic Computer Desk [Revisited]

    Back in 2008 I constructed an ergonomic computer desk using Kee Klamp, pipe, MDF and an articulating keyboard tray. Over the years this project has been insanely popular. People love the idea of constructing there own desk. In renovating my office I wanted to revisit the famous desk and improve upon it in several ways. Improvements include: built in shelves, cord control, and more modularity.

  • Rolling Work Desk

    Rolling Work Desk

    I often have people who come and visit the office and it's great to have a desk that can be moved around to accommodate an additional work space. This DIY desk can roll around and be locked into place wherever it is needed in my office. This concept is great for counter height applications, for craft areas and even kitchen applications.

  • Wall Mounted Bookshelf

    Wall Mounted Bookshelf

    I wanted to mount a bookcase in my stairwell where there was limited space. I decided that the best way to do this was to attach the bookshelf to the wall. In addition to attaching the bookshelf to the wall, I designed the shelf to have a zigzag pipe pattern. The result was an amazing wall mounted shelf that combines form and function.

  • Floor-Ceiling Floating Bookshelf

    Floor-Ceiling Floating Bookshelf

    Another bookshelf was required in the space directly behind my desk. I decided to mount this shelf on pipes that were mounted to the floor and ceiling. The result was a "floating" look to the shelf. This shelf was the most labor intensive off all the projects but it was also one of the most rewarding.

  • Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

    Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

    No office is complete without curtain rods. I designed three different styles of curtain rods to hang curtains on around the office. Each curtain rod accents the look of the rest of the space while at the same time providing a very sturdy and cost-effective way to hang curtains.

  • Interior Pipe Handrail

    Interior Pipe Handrail

    Handrail isn't just for looks, it's for safety. I had a smaller than usual knee wall around my stair well. I used a Kee Klamp railing to build up the height and make the office safer. I also used pipe handrail to go up and down the stairs. The pipe fit perfectly into the look of the space, it matched the furniture and fulfilled a much needed functional purpose as well.

Pipe furniture is really easy to build. You don't have to be a carpenter to DIY your own furniture. With the help of pipe and Kee Klamp you can design something that fits perfectly into your space. Pipe adds a modern, industrial feel that you will love. You'll find even more inspiration in our blog and projects area: Pipe Furniture Projects. If you need project assistance, no problem, consult with our projects team and they'll be happy to help you design the perfect piece of pipe furniture.

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