Maker Table

Since 2006, Maker Tables have been a part of O'Reilly Publishing's Maker Faire. Built with Kee Klamp, pipe and plywood these beefy tables are built to make a statement about durability. This is not a cost saving project, but if you like the industrial look of pipe and fittings you can build yourself a solid work bench after the style of the Maker Faire.

Attach Fittings to the Legs

Position the fittings onto the 3' pipes of pipe as show in this picture.

Use a tape measure to ensure that the fittings are placed in the same location on the pipes. The exact height doesn't matter, it only matters that the height is uniform. You can change the height of the support brace after the table is fully assembled.

Attach the Base Flanges

Attached to the L61 flanges to the bottom of the pipe. These will form the feet of the table.

Attach the Pipes to Complete the Frame

Use the shorter pipes to attach two of the legs to each other. String one of the single socket tees onto each of the bottom side pipes.

Using the longer pipes connect the two leg sections together.

Respace and Tighten Set Screws

As you were placing the pipes you may need to un-tighten and re-tighten the set screws in various locations to make sure everything is lined up. When you get done your frame should look like what is pictured below.

Add the Table Top

Remeasure the surface of your frame and then cut your plywood to match the outer dimension of the frame. Attach the plywood to the frame using the sheeting clips.

Don't Stop You're just Getting Started!

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to Kee Klamp. Don't stop with this idea. Add other features to your desk to make it your own. If you need more inspiration visit the project gallery and photo gallery.

I Like this but I'm Cheap!

Ok, a quick word about cost. The way this bench is shown here is probably the most expensive way to build it. Here are a couple of things you can do to reduce cost.

  • Use a cheaper pipe like Gator Tube instead of aluminum pipe. Even fence post from a home store can be used (example).
  • Use regular Kee Klamp fittings instead of aluminum Kee Lite.

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