Wall Mounted Multi-Person CrossFit Pull Up Rack

Wall Mounted Crossfit Pull Up Rack

We'll start this post by letting our customer introduce the project:

CrossFit Vulcan is a new CrossFit Gym Located in the heart of old Saint Augustine Florida, When we looked for a pull up rack solution we found quite a few systems but they were very expensive and not very flexible. We did some research and found Simplified Building Concepts and decided to go with the Kee Klamp system. Simplified Building offered great support and tech advice and the system was up in less than two days and is working great!

- Buster O'Connor - designer

You can't ask for a better endorsement of the Kee Klamp system and our support!

CrossFit is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds and gyms are popping up all over the country with a need for multi-person pull-up stations that are adjustable and flexible. Kee Klamp helps to accomplish the construction of these pull-up stations by providing a system that is both industrial strength and adjustable. This is a rare combination and those who have used our fittings to build gym structures have been completely satisfied.

Wall Mounted Multi-Person Crossfit Pull Up Rack

Buster's system uses an arrangement very similar to our clothing rack system. He arranged the bars in a staggered layout to allow for people of various heights to use the pull-up rack at the same time. The multi-person nature of the system allows for people in the CrossFit community to work out together and challenge one another to obtain their goals.

The fittings come directly off of this site. Check out the Kee Klamp category to find out more about the fittings. The system uses standard size pipe, so you can cut the pipe locally or have us supply it pre-cut to the lengths that you specify.

Check out some of the other home gyms, parkour structures and obstacle race structures that you'll find in the fitness structure category of our web site.

When you're ready to build something, feel free to design away all by yourself or tap into our free design assistance. We're looking forward to seeing your structure posted here!

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