Pull Up Bar - Adjustable and Portable

Chris Pollock designed an adjustable and portable pull up bar for a friend and asked me to use Sketchup to bring it to life. It uses 1" schedule 40 pipe (or 1" Gator Tube) and size 6 Kee Klamp fittings. I was happy to oblige Chris, well kind of had to since he's my boss ;), but I also came up with a variation of Chris's pull up bar that I believe is simply better! My design decreases trip hazards, costs less, requires less materials to construct, and will obviously create larger muscles. But you be the judge. Post a comment and let us know which design you would go with.

Chris' Design

Portable Adjustable Pull Up Bar2 Pic2

Chris' design uses a 4 sided rectangular base of pipe to provide stability.

Portable Adjustable Pull Up Bar2A

Sam's Design

Portable Adjustable Pull Up Bar Pic2A

My design uses only 2 sides but provides the same degree of stability as Chris', in my (non-engineering degree) opinion. My design utilizes the M50-6 fittings to be able to adjust to unlevel floor or ground.

Portable Adjustable Pull Up Bar Pic1A

Both designs are adjustable in height and in horizontal placement of the 8" bars, and can easily be broken down and stored.

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