Man Cave Workshop Shelving Upgrade

Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

A few weeks ago we posted some pictures from a customer who built a support system for their reloading bench with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. He was so happy with that aspect of the project that he decided to outfit the rest of his shop with a Kee Klamp shelving unit.

Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

Here is a before picture:

Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

Here is an after picture:

Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

One of the things I really like about this bench is the integrated lighting. He made the top bars extend out from the top shelf to make a large top storage area. Those bars also support work lighting that really does a great job illuminating the shelf and bench top.

Man Cave Shelving Upgrade

See more Kee Klamp shelf and bench projects in our projects area or in our blog.

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