Outdoor Banner Frames - Choosing the Right One

Whether you're part of a small shop or a large organization, every business needs to get their name out there and draw in new customers. Advertisements and banners are often a popular way to do this, especially for local businesses. A well placed banner or sign can draw more people into your shop. Not only that, displaying your brand at local events can be a great way to create brand awareness.

To get you started and to help you choose the right banner frame for you and your company, here are 4 different banner frames that you can use outside:

Types of Banner Frames

Wall Mounted Banner Frame

Wall Mounted Outdoor Banner Frame

The wall mounted frame adopts a simple design to showcase your banner or advertisement. Essentially, a large square or rectangle, the banner is attached by stringing banner bungees or zip ties through the grommets on the banner and then around the pipe just to the side of it.

The frame is mounted to the wall using our Rail Support fittings and can be mounted to just about any surface including wood, brick, and concrete.

The result is a simple solution that is easy to assemble and will last a lot longer than other frames.

For example, a large 8’ x 4’ wall mounted frame with size 7 fittings and pipe would include four 90° Elbows, four Rail Supports, two 8’ long lengths of steel pipe, and two 4’ lengths of steel pipe.

Compared to other banner frames the value is unsurpassed as a Kee Klamp frame is a much more durable solution.  A Kee Klamp frame is built with galvanized steel that can last up to 20 years without showing any signs of rust.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Banner Frame

Staked into the Ground Frame

Outdoor Banner Frame

This frame is staked into the ground to keep it upright. It features a similar design to the other frames mentioned here. Again, essentially a rectangle or square shape in which the banner is placed inside and attached using bungees or zip ties.

It's commonly used for banners at sporting events as you can in the images below. In the particular frame for Tough Mudder, you can see how simple of a design they used. Just three lengths of pipe, two elbow fittings, and a banner attached using zip ties. An easy to assemble solution that is extremely cost effective.

Outdoor Banner Frame - Tough Mudder

Image Source: Twitter

Free Standing Banner Frame

Maker Faire Event Signage Supports

The free-standing frame is built to stand upright by itself without the need to be planted into the ground or mounted to a wall. This often makes for a great portable solution as the frame can be easily moved.

However, just because it’s portable and not mounted to the ground or wall, does not mean it’s not a durable solution. The weight of the steel pipe and fittings keeps this frame upright and prevents it from tipping over in most situations. During stronger winds though, a sandbag placed on the bottom may be necessary to provide additional stability.

Again, the banner is typically attached to frame using bungees or zip ties.

A-Frame Banner Frame

A-Frame Banner Frame

The A-Frame is built to replicate the shape of an “A”. It’s suited for displaying advertisements on two, opposing sides. It’s free-standing, meaning it’s not mounted to the ground or base and can be easily moved.

Using just a few fittings, the A-frame can be replicated using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. The Single Socket Tee helps to create the a-frame. This fitting is used at the top of the frame and when used in this way, allows you create almost any angle. Meaning you can decide how tall and skinny or how short and wide you want the frame to be.

While the frame can be built to attach a banner using banner bungees, much in the same way as the wall mounted frame above, this a-frame pictured here, uses a pair of M50 fittings to support the poster board place on top of it.

A-Frame Banner Frame

Advantages of Using Kee Klamp

Often, sign frames are built using cheap material and don't stand up to the abuse they go through. Harsh weather, transportation, assembly and deassembly can all take a toll on your frame. In addition, other banner frames are typically built in only a few specific sizes. Leaving your display options limited.

Kee Klamp provides for the perfect solution. Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, you can build a banner frame that is durable yet rivals the cost of many competitors. In addition, the other benefits of using Kee Klamp are unmatched by any other solution. The advantages include:

  • Weather resistant. Kee Klamp fittings are made from galvanized steel which means they are resistant to corrosion and rust. Providing you with a solution that will last for many years to come.

  • Easy to assemble and tear down. Assembly and tear down is quick and effortless. With just an Allen Wrench you can assemble your frame in a matter of minutes and tear it down just as fast.

  • Adjustable. The fittings used in our banner frames allow for slight adjustment in height and width.

  • Configurable. We offer custom solutions that are built to your exact specifications. Configurable in height, width, and design; you get a frame that fits your banner perfectly.

  • Sturdy and Super Strong. Made from durable steel, our banner frames are built to last. Kee Klamp has been trusted by many for gyms, parkour equipment, and extreme fitness programs because of its sturdy construction. The result is no different here. You get a super sturdy frame that can stand up to the abuse it's likely to go through.

  • Reusable. Should your needs change, you can reuse Kee Klamp fittings in a future project. Say you order a smaller design but eventually want to display a larger banner, you will be able to use many of the same fittings used from the smaller frame. Saving you on even more money in the long run.

When you go with Kee Klamp to build your outdoor banner frame you're making a long lasting investment in your company. Not just in the business that your banner will generate but in the frame that holds it. Kee Klamp is built to last and investing in Kee Klamp will yield you a frame that will last for many years to come. Not to mention the many other advantages of using Kee Klamp, such as adjustability, ease of use, and strength. If you're looking for a banner frame for your business look no further. We can help you develop a solution that will work perfectly. Contact our projects team for free design assistance and get your advertising up and running today.

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