19 DIY Trade Show Booth & Banner Ideas to Copy for Your Next Event

Tradeshow Booth

Have you ever attended a trade show where you were pressed for time to assemble your display? Or, maybe you felt your display was too complicated to build in the first place.

While the popularity of trade shows has decreased in recent years, they aren't going away anytime soon and are even an integral part of many businesses, both big and small. They're a chance to market your business, create awareness, create connections, and generate leads.

However, a difficult problem for most trade show exhibitors is putting together their booths and displays. Most companies don't have the resources to transport large trade show structures. Additionally, most trade shows only allocate a small amount of time to put together your display. That's why it's imperative to have a display that is easy to assemble, easy to transport, and cost effective.

To help you find the right material to construct your own display, we've compiled a list of 19 trade show booths and displays built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Using Kee Klamp, you can create a structure that is strong, sturdy, stylish, and one that can be disassembled and reassembled for transportation. Take a look at the each of the designs and see how you can build your own display using Kee Klamp:

  1. Banner Trade Show Booth

  2. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    This trade show booth was built by Hunite. It uses fittings and pipe to create the frame and then uses bungee cords to attach a pair of large banners. It doesn't get much simpler than that. This type of display allows Hunite to easily assemble and deconstruct their display in a short amount of time.

  3. Free Standing Trade Show Display

  4. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    Here's another display put together by Hunite. This display uses the same design principles as the previous structure. Hunite appreciates the flexibility and ease of use of Kee Klamp. Using Kee Klamp allows them to create displays that are easy to assemble and take apart, can be put together in a short amount of time, and easy to transport. Hunite chose Aluminum for their structures to keep them lightweight and easy to travel with.

  5. Hammock Display

  6. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    This display takes advantage of Kee Klamp's superb strength. The Sheltowee Hammock Company hung their signature hammocks from the above display to allow visitors to try out their products.

  7. T-Shirt Booth Display

  8. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    This display was built by imagiNATION Athletics. The company used Kee Klamp pipe fittings to create the frame. They then used table cloths to cover it and create a clean display. To complete the look, imagiNATION Athletics could have also a few of our clothing rack kits.

  9. Banner Trade Show Display

  10. Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

    Simplified Building has even used Kee Klamp for its own trade show and event displays. Here's one that was put together for a local Maker Faire. A separate stand was also built to hold brochures, pamphlets, and other physical marketing material.

    Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

  11. Fitness Display Booth

  12. Tradeshow Booth

    This trade show booth display was built by RPM Fitness in order to represent their company at different Crossfit events. RPM Fitness went with Kee Klamp due to the fact that the structure could easily be disassembled and reassembled.

  13. Country Fair Awning

  14. Tradeshow Banners

    While not specifically for trade show use, this awning could easily be used at any related event. It extends off the end of this county fair food booth. The owners lost three frames in previous storms. Therefore, they wanted to go with something that was stronger and more sturdy than their previous frames. Kee Klamp fit the bill perfectly.

  15. Lawncare Trade Show Booth

  16. Banners

    This display was built by Champlain Valley Equipment. The most used fittings in this structure are the Flange fitting, the Single Socket Tee, and the 90 Degree Elbow.

  17. Wall Mounted Banner Display

  18. Tradeshow Setup

    This wall mounted display make use of just two types of fittings: the 90 Degree Elbow and the Rail Support. The 90 Degree Elbow is used to connect the corners, while the Rail Support is used to mount the banner frame to the wall. Bungees are then used to pull the banner tight. Zip ties could also be used.

  19. Mobile Demo Cart

  20. Tradeshow Structure

    This display is a great design for a small company that just wants a simple setup. The display uses traditional casters to enable the stand to easily be moved. However, Kee Klamp casters could have also been used. These casters slide into the open end of exposed pipe. Options for locking wheels are also available.

  21. Trade Show Banner Display

  22. Banners

    This display was built by the American Fleet Inc. Kee Klamp is used to create the frame and a banner at the top is attached using bungees.

  23. Art Exhibit Display

  24. Pipe Structure

    One unique fitting used in this display is the M50 fitting. This fitting has an open socket on one end and a tab with a hole in it on the other. This allows it to be used when you want to mount a platform to a pipe structure. In this case, it's used to attach the wood sections to the pipe frame.

  25. Trade Show Booth with Clothing Rack Display

  26. Tradeshow Booth

    This trade show booth used Kee Klamp to create a set of wall mounted clothing racks. The fittings used here include the Flange fitting, Side Outlet Elbow, and Side Outlet Tee.

  27. Picture Frame Trade Show Booth

  28. Tradeshow Setup

    This display was built by Joel Whitney to display different art pieces and frames. In order to do this, wood panels are attached to the pipe frame using the M50 fitting. This enabled the company to mount each of the different art frames.

  29. Angled Trade Show Displays

  30. Pipe Setup

    These decorative frames where built by a design company to draw extra attention to this trade show booth. The irregular shapes show that you really can create almost anything using Kee Klamp.

    The designers went with Kee Klamp instead of building a welded structure to alleviate issues with tight tolerances and handling and shipping.

    Here's what the designers had to say about the project:

    "Only with your fitting system could we engineer and construct thenecessary frame structures featuring stretched decorative fabric and decorative cords. We finished our trade show last week and the frames were a complete success. Your fittings worked flawless at this application!"

  31. Pipe Trade Show Booth

  32. Tradeshow Pipe Setup

    This trade show booth uses Kee Klamp for the booth frame as well as a desk/table inside the booth.

  33. Multi-Section Trade Show Display

  34. Tradeshow Booth

    This trade show booth uses Kee Klamp to create 5 different sections with "chalkboard-like" platforms attached to the frame. A integrated desk also extends from the booth frame.

  35. Multi-Section Banner Display

  36. Tradeshow Booth

    This event booth uses Kee Klamp to create a "wrap-around" display with banners attached to each section. Kee Klamp is used to create the banner frame and the banners themselves are attached using bungees.

  37. Trade Show Display with TV Shelf

  38. Tradeshow Booth

    This display integrated a shelf so that a TV can be placed on top. This shelf is attached to the frame using the Rail Support fitting.

If you would like to try Kee Klamp out for your next trade show event but need a little help to design your exhibit, we offer free design assistance. Our team here at Simplified Building is knowledgable and trained to assist you in creating a display that will work for your specific situation. We will work with you come up with the perfect design for your next event.

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