Modular Railing for Trade Show Displays

Railing for Tradeshow Display

Anyone who's worked at a tradeshow knows that the ability to break-down a structure is critical. A recent customer, Michael, used our ADA railing fittings to construct a railing around a trade show display. The railing was made from pipe and Kee Access modular ADA fittings and unlike standard welded railing, this railing can actually be disassembled for transportation purposes.

Michael had this to say about working with our ADA fittings:

A prosthetic ankle manufacturer, iWalk, hired my company to create a trade show booth that resembled a mini-golf course so potential clients could test their ankle on a variety of surfaces. Integral to the booth was an ADA compliant railing so users had something to lean on during the trial process. With only 4 weeks notice to complete the entire project, Simplified Building's easy kit-based railing system was the perfect answer - far better than having a railing custom shaped. Simplified Building employee Sam Wender was amazingly useful and pleasant to deal with throughout the experience.

Whether you are building a railing or some other tradeshow structure, Kee Klamp makes an excellent choice. Assembly and disassembly requires only the use of a simple allen wrench! Check out our other tradeshow structures at the bottom of this page. If you need help designing a portable tradeshow structure, contact our fast and friendly projects team.

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