Kee Lite Sign Supports at the Maker Faire

Ever since the inception of the Maker Faire Simplified Building has been supplying pieces and parts for unique display structures. Our first year we supplied the famous Maker Bench. The Maker Bench evolved into a display table and into tables for the Maker Store at the Faire. O'Reilly even converted some of the Maker Benches into product display units for their Maker Shed products and kits. With this year's Maker Faire has come another evolution -- a free standing sign support for the stage programming. These simple structures made from Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings were used to support signage for the different stage programming.

Maker Fiare Event Signage Supports

These free standing sign supports are easy to break down and setup. They are also extremely durable being made of industrial fittings and pipe. No worries about breaking them during transport. They will last for years and provide a clean looking, long-last support for Maker Faire signage.

Maker Fiare Event Signage Supports

You can get a complete break down of the pieces for this free standing sign support in our projects area.

Project: Free Standing Sign Support

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