Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrap-up

Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrapup

When we say that using Kee Klamp is child's play, we weren't kidding. At the Rochester Mini Maker Faire we presented a booth that allowed kids - young and old - to engage with our product. The exhibit was entitled "What Will You Build?" and it was great to see so many kids and adults dive in and use their imagination. It was great to talk to so many of you who were inspired to build something amazing with pipe and fittings.

What Will You Build - Box

Simplified Building Booth

Acton at the Faire

People were given the chance to build from a plan or build anything their hearts desired. Everyone loved building with industrial-strength Tinker Toys!

Kevin Playing with Fittings

Abby Playing with Kee Klamp

Kevin Playing with Fittings

The adult sized see-saw was a huge hit -- it was used constantly over the duration of the six hour event. The see-saw showed just how versatile and strong something built with Kee Klamp can be. In the near future we'll be posting complete instructions on how to build it.

Kee Klamp See Saw in Action

Kee Klamp See Saw

We raffled off one of our pipe and fitting "Maker Tables". Congratulations to raffle winner, Matthew Wan!

If you visited our booth, thanks for stopping by. If you missed us, don't worry, we plan to expand our exhibit and bring it to other Maker Faire's in the future.

Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrapup

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