Building Modular Extreme Sports Obstacles [Spartan Race]

Extreme sports obstacles like the ones that we designed for the Spartan Race need to have a number of features

  • They should be strong - they will have hundreds and thousands of people climbing all over them. Our Kee Klamp structures are as strong as welded structures, made with rigid schedule 40 pipe
  • They should be durable - they are going to be used in the harshest of conditions, rain or shine. They need to stand up to moisture and a good beating at every usage. Kee Klamp galvanization keeps the fitting safe from rust and the cast iron steel is extremely rugged.
  • They should be modular - most extreme sports courses are not permanent fixtures. They will need to be setup and torn down quickly and easily. As you heard in the videos, Kee Klamp structures are exactly that. Using only an allen wrench a couple of people can rapidly assemble and disassemble just about any structure.
  • They should be configurable - extreme sports obstacles should not be boring. Kee Klamp fittings allow the obstacle to be expanded or adjusted to fit the needs of the race environment.

We believe Kee Klamp fittings are the best solution for building rugged extreme sports obstacles, and we've put it to the test by sending them to be used in the Spartan Race.

More to Come

In weeks to come we hope to post more pictures as the remaining Spartan Race obstacles are constructed. Additionally, we hope to include project files and three dimensional renderings of the obstacles so you can begin to build your own. Check out our projects area.

Build Your Own - We're Here to Help

The race directors from the Spartan Race will tell you, we didn't just supply them with fittings, we helped them to design the obstacles. Our internal Kee Klamp experts will be able to recommend the appropriate fittings for the loading situations created by extreme sports obstacles. Contact our projects team with any questions or assistance with building your obstacle.

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the first obstacle that was constructed.

Spartan Race Obstacles

Spartan Race Obstacles

Spartan Race Obstacles

Spartan Race Obstacles

See Saw Obstacle

Spartan Race Obstacles

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