Industrial Stools, Benches and Tables at Famous Dublin Coffee Bar

Pipe Table and Benches

3FE (Third Floor Expresso) is a famous coffee bar in Dublin. The founder has dedicated his life to coffee, and given the rewards that he's earned, I guess it shows! Designgoat was commissioned to help them design their shop on a prominant street in Dublin. Designgoat's final design utilized a substantial amount of pipe and Kee Klamp fitting furniture -- the results were amazing.

The stools, benches and tables were all built with a pipe and Kee Klamp fitting base. They used basic woods for the stool seats and table tops. Something unique about their design was the use of angular legs. The Kee Klamp fitting bites into the pipe, allowing the tee to be rotated to just the right position and then fixed in place. The angled legs are a stable and simple design.

Pipe Table and Benches

Instead of finishing the ends of the pipe, Designgoat left the ends open giving emphasis to the industrial element of the pipe and fittings. Designgoat says this about their design:

We used scaffolding and plywood to build the furniture but steered away from the austere nature of these materials to create an elegant and minimal aesthetic. This was achieved through unconventional use of the scaffolding joints and using subtle angles with, what is normally, a crudely assembled material.

We think their design was magnicient and represents the creative power unleashed in such a simple fitting.

Pipe Bar Stools

If you need assistance designing a piece of furniture from Kee Klamp and pipe, reach out to our projects team. They are happy to give advice and get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to using the fittings in both a creative and functional way.

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