Rolling Pipe Table with Antiqued Metal Effect

Rolling Pipe Desk with Antiqued Metal

John Urban, of John Urban Productions, turned to Kee Klamp fittings to build himself a unique custom desk complete with casters and an antiqued metal finish. John found the desk top at a university surplus store and then went to work with pipe and fittings to create the base for the table.

Building a desk base out of Kee Klamp allows you to use almost any rectangular substance as a desk top. New, old, stone, wood, glass, you name it! This ability make's it a great option when upcycling an old object.

Antiqued Metal Pipe Flange

John used a really simple process to antique the metal and the results were amazing. Here's a basic description of his process:

I basically used what I had lying around, which was a small can of Rust-oleum "flat black" and believe it or not, a jar of Martha Stewart's metallic "cast bronze 350 592."

I threw the black on first with a little sponge brush and didn't care how well I covered the Kee Klamp. Sorta let it dry a little but not completely and then used the same brush to toss on the cast bronze. Then used my fingers and some paper towel to wipe off some of the bronze, taking a little of the black off as well here and there.

No real method, just playing knowing I could put more layers on if needed. Ended up only being one layer of each with some little bare spots showing through.

We think the results where amazing. Here are some close ups of the antiqued Kee Klamp.

Antiqued Metal Pipe Tee

Aged Metal Kee Klamp Flange

If you're looking for other techniques to antique your metal you can also check out this post from Golden Sycamore where she talks about how she aged galvanized metal. Her process is much more intensive and even involves using a blowtorch (definite cool points for using a blowtorch)!

If you're looking for more desk inspiration, check out our tables and desk gallery where you'll find a ton of desks built with Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings.

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