Three-Tiered Center-Supported Merchandizing Table

Powell's Books Merchandise Shelf

This three-tiered merchandizing table was designed and installed by Gabe for Powel's Books Merchandise Shelf

The reclaimed lumber is supported by four columns on the bottom shelf and then two columns on the top shelf. This arrangement gives the merchandise shelf adequate structure to support a wide array of products on all three tiers. When building a shelf of this type, be sure that all your pipe lengths are identical before beginning. Additionally, you should measure and mark the surface where each flange should go. Using these tips, you will ensure that you have a shelf that comes out just as beautiful as the one pictured here.

If you have a retail store and need help designing a display, Kee Klamp fittings offer flexibility of design, durability and a great industrial look. Contact our projects team for free assistance. You can also check out our Retail Display section of our projects area for further inspiration.

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