Shelf Mounted Clothing Rack for Retail Store

Shelf Mounted Clothing Rack

Interior design blog,, spotted this Kee Klamp clothing rack made to mount to the under side of a shelf in a clothing store in Oslo, Norway.

Shelf Mounted Clothing Rack

This clothing rack has a very simple construction utilizing 61-6 Flanges and 15-6 Elbow fittings to mount to the under side of the shelf. In the middle of the shelf a weight-bearing post extends to the ground to support the weight of the clothing hanging from the rack. This post is supported at the top and the floor with 61-6 Flanges and it connects to garment bar with a 26-6 Two Socket Cross.

Shelf Mounted Clothing Rack

Assembling a clothing rack made from Kee Klamp pipe fittings and pipe is very easy. If you pipe is precut, usually installation requires only a few screws and an Allen wrench.

Shelf Mounted Clothing Rack

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