Retail Display for Motorcycle Helmets

Motocycle Helmet Retail Display

Kee Klamp fittings are great for building custom retail displays. The modular pipe and fitting system allows for the creation of unique retail display units. Eric, from SF Moto in San Francisco, created this motorcycle helmet display to show off helmets in the front window of his store.

Motocycle Helmet Retail Display

The industrial pipe and fittings add to the look of the store, but they also fulfill a function. The helmets are set onto pieces of pipe the are tee'd off the main support beam that runs across the window. An additional bonus is that the rack can also support hanging items such as garments and bags.

Motocycle Helmet Retail Display

Eric's system is a fantastic solution for displaying motorcycle helmets and we compliment him for his creativity. This is what he had to say:

We needed a unique way to display motorcycle helmets in our store windows. This stuff worked great!!

Kee Klamp can be used to build all kinds of retail structures, including clothing racks and shelving. Check out our projects area for a complete break down of retail uses of Kee Klamp.

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