How To Build An Industrial Pipe Coat Rack In 10 Steps

Kee Klamp Coat Rack

We recently put in a new coat rack in our office and wanted to share with you how to build it. You can finally stop throwing all your coats and jackets on the floor! Watch Anthony show you how to put it all together or continue reading below for 10 steps to building this uniquely designed Industrial Pipe Coat Rack.

Step 1: Collect Your Parts

Step 2: Gather The Tools

The tools you will need are:

  • A Drill
  • 4 Wall Screws
  • A Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • A Mallet
  • An Allen Wrench. Or Ratchet with a Allen Wrench attachment.

Step 3: Mark Where You Want The Hooks To Go

Mark on the pipe where you want the hooks to go. We recommend using equal spacing.

Step 4: Slide The Hooks And Rail Supports Onto The Pipe

Now you can slide the hooks and railing supports onto the pipe. Start by sliding the first railing support on the pipe followed by your chosen number of hooks. Then slide the second railing support onto the other end. Line the hooks up to the marks you made on the pipe to ensure they are where you would like them to be.

Step 5: Tighten The Set Screws Down

Kee Klamp Coat Rack

Now that you have everything in place, you can lock down the hooks and railing supports by tightening the set screws using the Allen Wrench.

Step 6: Hammer in the Malleable Plugs

Kee Klamp Coat Rack

Once you've got everything tightened down, you can now hammer in the malleable plugs on outer end of each railing support using your mallet.

Step 7: Decide On The Location

If you don't already have a place in mind, you'll want to decide on your coat rack location. We recommend placing it next to the door of your home or office. You'll also want to make sure it is at an appropriate height for everyone that will be using the coat rack.

Step 8: Mark And Drill The Holes

Kee Klamp Coat Rack

With your location and height set, you can start to mark and drill the holes for the railing supports. It's a good idea to grab a friend to help you out in order to hold the coat rack up while you mark the holes. With the wall marked, you can drill in the holes.


Kee Klamp Coat Rack

Step 9: Attach The Coat Rack To The Wall

Kee Klamp Coat Rack

Now all you've got left is to attach the coat rack to the wall. Attach the coat rack to the wall by screwing in the wall screws through the premade slots in the railing supports into the holes that you drilled earlier.

Step 10: Hang Up Your Coats

That's it! You're all done. Now you have coat rack for your home or office that not only looks great but keeps your jackets nice and organized. That was easy wasn't it?

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