DIY 6x12 Portable Soccer Goal

DIY Portable Soccer Goal

When researching 6x12 youth soccer goals for her recreational league, Rachel from Upstate New York, tapped into Kee Klamp fittings to create this impressive set of soccer goals. Her goal (pun intended) was to create a set of small goals for a recreational soccer league. The goals need to be easy to move and relatively cost-effective. In addition to being easy to move, she wanted them to be rugged and durable. PVC soccer goals are cost-effective, but over time the PVC can become brittle and it is more susceptible to breakage when being transported to different fields. Making the goals from Kee Klamp and steel pipe allowed the goal to "break down" for transportation, but also offer the durability of steel construction.

Portable Soccer Goal Plan

DIY Portable Soccer Goal Plan

Like any DIY project, Rachel started by doing the appropriate research and pulling together a basic sketch of the goal. She decided on what fittings she wanted to use, and how much pipe she would need in order to build two soccer goals.

Building the Portable Soccer Goal

Building a Portable Soccer Goal

Building a Portable Soccer Goal

Assembling the soccer goal was pretty straight forward. With an allen key and a pipe cutting saw, the goals came together fairly quickly. The secret that makes these goals easy to assemble and easy to transport is the Kee Klamp fitting. The fittings can be loosened just as easily as they are tightened, making it possible to disassemble the goal into sections with relative ease.

DIY Steel Soccer Goal

The finished frame looks like the picture above. The finishing touch is obviously the net. Rachel got this 6x12 soccer net from Epic Sports. The net worked perfectly, with the support rope threading through the Type 19 fittings on top-back of the goal.

It's Soccer Time... Goooooooooaaaaaaal!

Portable Steel Soccer Goal - Playing

DIY Youth Soccer Goal

Rachel's portable soccer goals are a great solution for any recreational or youth soccer league that wants to build a set of rugged goals that can easily be transported to a new field or simply moved for the sake of mowing. The plans are here, so you can consider your research done! If you need additional assistance, you can reach out to our projects team. They will be happy to recommend fittings and help you arrive at the right design for your goals.

Important Safety Notice

To ensure the safe use of a large metal soccer goal, the goal should be throughly secured to the ground. If you are designing your own soccer goal, you should ensure that it is tip-resistant. Please reach out to our projects team about any questions about tip-resistant soccer goal design.

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