Urban Movement's Indoor Parkour Obstacle Structures

Indoor Parkour Obstacle at Urban Movement

Through Art du Deplacement (Parkour) and MovNat, Urban Movement teaches people how to move. Urban Movement is located in Houston, Texas and has constructed these obstacles made from Kee Klamp fittings. These obstacles provide a context for their indoor training. The folks at Urban Movement did an amazing job combining the fittings to create a truely unique structure.

These parkour structures are made up of 5 primary fittings:

The structure uses 1-1/2" Schedule 80 pipe with the size 8 version of each of the fittings listed above.

Indoor Parkour Obstacle  at Urban Movement

Kee Klamp fittings and parkour obstacles are a great fit. They allow for the construction of diverse pipe based obstacles which are structurally sound and easy to construct. No welding is involved. A special set-screw mechanism allows the structure to be assembled with a simple Allen wrench. Urban Movement now joins other gyms such as Parkour Visions, Base Fitness, Rochester PK and Miami Freerunning, who have all constructed indoor obstacles using Kee Klamp fittings.

If you need some assistance building a parkour obstacle with Kee Klamp, tap into our free design assistance.

Hanging from Parkour Structure

It's great to see how the simplicity of Kee Klamp allowd the entire orgainzation to come together to do the construction. Simplicity in construction enables almost everyone to participate!

Parkour Structure Construction

Parkour Structure Construction

You can see more pictures and videos of this structure in use on Urban Movement's Facebook Page.

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