Parkour Laché Bars

Laché Parkour Structure

Rochester Parkour (rocpk) is a parkour gym located in Rochester, NY. Several of the Simplified team have worked out over there over the past year. When they wanted to build a set of laché bars for lachés and other moves, they turned to us to help them construct something that would work in their space and hold up under the appropriate loads.

Watch this video to see how the laché bars work. You'll see that the structure holds up very well under the swinging involved in a laché.

Laché Parkour Structure - Kids

The structure itself is fairly simple. It uses Kee Klamp fittings to attach three horizontal bars to the wall and the floor. Originally the structure did not have the angle brace. Without the angle brace the entire structure swayed when someone was swinging on the bars. The addition of one triangle firmed up the entire structure and now it is rock solid!

Laché Parkour Structure - Anchors

For safety, there are a couple of things worth noting:

  • If the set screws stick out of the fitting after tightening they should be taped over (see below). The set screws can be sharp, so tape over them and check back on them.
  • Tighten your structure every so often. The guys over there did not report any loosening issues. The thing to keep in mind is that the more your structure shakes or sways, the greater the likelihood that something will loosen up.
  • Double the set screws when you can. On the cross member we used an additional coupling. This is probably not necessary, but it's great for peace of mind.

Cover Set Screws

The pipe used in the structure was some 1-1/4" schedule 80 pipe that was donated to the facility.

If you would like to use Kee Klamp to build a set of laché bars or some other parkour structure, please get in touch with our team.

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