Industrial Style Loft Railing for Loft Apartments

Industrial Style Loft Railing

Loft living tends to have a very vague definition for what it actually is. I've seen loft apartments that are simply wide open spaces with large ceilings, very often set in what used to be an old factory or warehouse. Then there's an actual loft. An area that sits atop another providing a second floor or platform raised above the other. Similar to a second story or floor, the loft features a more open design that often leaves a section of the room uncovered with a drop off to the floor below it. Hence the need for safety railing in a lot of loft applications.

No one wants to take an unfortunate fall off one of these ledges, so safety is not to be overlooked. But with that, often comes boring, bland railing that sticks out like an eye sore.

A loft is meant to be spacious and unique; a space that has that special character to it that makes you want to be there. This is where Kee Klamp comes in to save the day!

A Kee Klamp railing solves both of these problems. It provides a strong, durable railing that will prevent people from falling and it doubles as a unique piece of art, featuring an industrial finish that accents the other aesthetics in the room.

No more worrying about safety. No worrying about how it will look. Just a railing that works and looks fantastic! To prove my point, let's take a look at a few applications that feature industrial styled Kee Klamp railing suited for loft living:

Industrial Accents

Industrial Style Railing

The kitchen in this loft area features a contemporary design that takes full advantage of the open space. The railing is built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to provide the owners of the home safe access up and down from the loft area and also keeps them from taking an unfortunate spill off the edge. The railing extends from the base to the ceiling to not only provide additional support but to accent the modern feel of the room. The aluminium finish pairs well with the neutral colors in the room such as the lighter colored walls and tan tiled flooring. To top it off, the table provides a nice warm finish to tie the room all together.


Industrial Style Railing

Keeping the Kiddies Safe

Industrial Style Railing

The railing for this loft completely surrounds the entrance to keep people safe. The pipe has been sprayed painted black and the fittings left in their original, aluminum finish to give the railing a more sophisticated aesthetic. The owner decided to opt for glass panels to continue the look and give the railing a simple, modern design. One feature to note about this railing, is the child proof safety gate. The gate closes off the entrance and keeps the little ones safe. Overall, Zoe, the owner of this beautiful railing, did a fantastic job!


Industrial Style Railing

Garage Hideaway

Industrial Style Indoor Railing

In a bid to revamp his garage, Don built this loft for additional space and to take advantage of the high ceilings. To ensure everyone atop was safe, Don installed this Kee Klamp railing complete with a fence cage wiring. The fence wiring is attached to the railing using the Single Sided Clip fitting. The loft is easily accessible from a ladder that opens up into the newly finished area. The aluminium finish pairs well with the hard wood flooring making for a fantastic look!


Industrial Style Railing

Rustic Bliss

Industrial Style Railing

Another piece that pairs well with the wood paneling it's combined with, this railing was installed by Armand to keep his grand children safe. He was concerned about the safety atop the loft so he decided to install a Kee Klamp railing after seeing a similar railing from an acquaintance of his. The industrial finish adds to the rustic vibe that is very apparent in Armand's home. Overall he did a great job and we're glad to know that his grand children can play up there safely without falling off!

Industrial Style Railing

Three Flights of Safety

Industrial Style Indoor Railing

Built in the mountains of western Montana, this home features a 3-story design with an 8 feet stairwell opening that continues up through the entire center of the house. Now that's loft living!

As always, safety is a big concern when living in a loft type situation like this, so the owners knew they would need something to protect themselves from falling. That's when Claudette and her husband came to Simplified Building to help them with their railing. Their unique situation called for a railing that would be flexible, cost-effective, and easy to work with since they would be installing it themselves. The railing extends the length of the three floors providing railing for the open areas on the flooring and stairways.

The railing sits at 36" high on the stairs and 42" high on the floors. The railing was also powder coated in a black finish to give the railing a unique look that pairs well with the colors in their home. Claudette and her husband could not be happier! They appreciated the ease of install and love how their railing turned out.

Industrial Style Loft Railing

Industrial Style Loft Railing

Whether you're looking for something to keep you and your loved ones safe or your looking to add some industrial flare to your loft apartment, Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are the perfect solution. Easy to work with, easy to assemble, and overall look fantastic! If you need help with a custom solution, our staff is knowledgable and is here to assist you. We offer project design assistance and will work with you until we discover a solution that suits your application perfectly.

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