Build Your Own Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

Small heavy balls, thrown at high velocities don't typically pair well with PVC structures. Portable nets are typically made from PVC and are subject to all manner of destruction when it comes to one well placed (or not so well placed) shot.

Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

Long time customer, Dan Harden, had some Kee Klamp fittings left over from an old project. When his son took up an interest in lacrosse, Dan got the idea to build him a high quality net using some leftover fittings. You can see from the pictures that Dan's design is fairly simple.

The front section of the net uses four 15-6 Elbows.

Front Section - Joined with 15-6 Elbows

The back section uses one 29-6 30° to 60° Single Socket Tee.

The tee joins the pipes together and is capped on one side. 133-6 Pipe Cap.

The tee joins the pipes together and is capped on one side

Dan's project features a lot of the benefits of building a sports net with Kee Klamp fittings.

  • Because the fittings come on and off with a set screw, the structure can be portable. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled.
  • Being made of metal, it's much more durable than a PVC net.
  • The metal gives the net an adequate amount of weight to ensure that it won't go flying off in strong gust of wind.

What I love the most about this project is the fact that Dan was able to build the entire project using parts that he purchased from us over eight years ago! Dan tells his own story:

We purchased an assortment of Kee Klamp fittings from you back in 2006 or 2007. The original use was to build a support system for a winter cover for a 34' boat. We used the cover for one year and then sold the boat. The fittings and pipe sat out in the weather at the boat yard from 2007 until 2014. When I went and retrieved them, I was happy to find that they had almost no corrosion. All of the Allen head screws backed out easily. Recently my son adopted my liking for a lacrosse and asked if we could buy a goal. I looked at the fittings that I had and was able to cut the pipe down to size. I purchased a high quality net from a supplier in NC. I have enough material to build another so we can host neighborhood lacrosse tournaments. I was pretty happy that I was able to repurpose the pipe and fittings.

Reusability is just one more great reason to use Kee Klamp in your next project. Dive into our projects gallery for even more great ideas.

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