Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

Allison from Golden Sycamore used Kee Klamp pipe fittings to put together a rustic looking curtain rod for her bedroom. The pipe and fittings were distressed using a unique heating method. The heating of the pipe and fittings discolors and ages the metal, giving the entire curtain rod some very unique character. She covers the methodology for aging galvanized metal in another post and also urges extreme caution when utilizing this method.

The design of Allison's curtain rod was very straight forward, and very similar to these curtain rods that I have in my office. She used two 70-6 fittings to support the rod on either end, and then two 84-6 metal plugs to plug up either end of the pipe. We supplied her with the length of pipe she needed for the rod, and viola! Her results were fabulous!

Distressed Pipe Curtain Rod

Allison was even kind enough to add these words about our projects team:

The people at Simplified Building Concepts are so great to work with. I gave them my dimensions and the overall look I was going for and they helped me pick out just what I needed for my project!

If you have an idea for a project like Allison's we hope you'll dig into our projects collection and get inspired to build something unique with Kee Klamp fittings.

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