Custom Art Display Panels that Create Unique Geometries and Infinite Possibilities

Custom Art Display Panels

Bernard Tschumi is widely recognized as one of today's foremost architects. A retrospective exhibit on his work is being featured at Pompidou Center. The equivalent of MOMA, located in Paris France, it houses "the Musée National d'Art Moderne, which is the largest museum for modern art in Europe."

Bernard wanted to design the exhibit himself, using original structures to showcase his work. To accomplish this, Bernard turned to Simplified Building and Kee Klamp fittings. Simplified Building not only provided the fittings and pipe, but also the major installation work that took place on site inside the Pompidou Center. When all was said and done, Bernard said this about working with Simplified:

We were very satisfied with the package provided by Simplified Building. Initially, we chose the Kee Klamp system because it gives the most flexibility to create structures of different shapes. For the actual installation, Simplified Building was spot-on with both the building of the structure as well as respecting the lead times.

Exhibit designers know that how art is displayed has a deep impact on how it is perceived. No wonder Bernard wanted to have a direct hand in designing the exhibit.

Custom Art Display Panels

Custom Art Display Panels

Custom Art Display Panels

Bernard's exhibit demonstrates the creative opportunity of Kee Klamp structures. Their flexibility allows for endless geometric configurations. Museums and art displays of all shapes and sizes benefit from having structures that will flex to meet both architectural and artistic demands.


Simplified gets involved directly in some of the larger installations. Here are some photos of the construction process.

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