Boomerracks is Upcycling Old Bikes into Community Made Bike Racks

Boomerracks Bike Racks

Boomerracks is a social enterprise in St. Louis, Missouri that seeks to engage young entrepreneurs in an effort to sustain local youth mentoring programs. Boomerracks has invested it's attention into the youth of the St. Louis area by encouraging the use of their talents in the construction of "green", useful and fun bike rack structures.

Boomerracks combines existing bike parts with Kee Klamp pipe fittings to create unique bike racks that stand out on the urban landscape. The program places an emphasis on the reuse and recycling of existing materials -- "giving new life to what would otherwise become waste".

Boomerracks Bike Racks

Kids in the Boomerracks program get the opportunity to build several vital skills:

  • They work with their hands and grow in their mechanical abilities.
  • They use their creativity to imagine new structures around the brand of the business they're working with.
  • They develop business skills by interacting with local business owners to develop a structure that makes sense for their company.

The list goes on!

Boomerracks Bike Racks

Boomerracks is a part of St. Louis ArtWorks, an organization that collaborates with the community to provide work experience through youth apprenticeships.

Simplified Building is thrilled to work with St. Louis ArtWorks to provide the necessary fittings to build many of these outstanding structures. Each one is unique in it's own right and yet combines common, reusable elements to make construction and installation as simple as possible.

Boomerracks Bike Racks

Kee Klamp plays a critical role in each bike rack, connecting pipes and parts together without the necessity of welding. Each fitting is mechanically fastened, reducing the need for welding equipment. This also ensures that more kids can safely participate in the construction of every bike rack.

Learn more about building with Kee Klamp by browsing our projects or contacting our team. Connect with Boomerracks through their website.

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