DIY Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk

The health benefits of using a standing desk are becoming more and more popular. People are popping up in cubical based environments like a giant game of whack-a-mole! Bottom line, it's great that people are recognizing the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle brought on by the technological service economy and making the appropriate changes to fight back (you've got to love puns!).

There are several standing desk projects on this site and I'm sure there will be more to come. This standing desk was built by Jeff in Georgia. He had this to stay about the desk.

I've been wanting a standing desk for a while due to issue with my back. After shopping around and seeing the crazy prices I decided to build my own. After reviewing the many ideas on Simplified Building I realized that I wanted a larger desk for my home office. I started searching the internet and saw one built with a counter top from IKEA. It was nice but not big enough for me. After some research on the IKEA site I found the right counter top for me!

DIY Standing Desk

Jeff used a fairly straight forward design for the desk, including an extra bar at the bottom of the desk to put his feet on while sitting or standing. He was able to order pipe so that the desk would fit his working height perfectly. In the end, his own words "This thing is large and built like a tank.".

Parts for the Standing Desk

Jeff went for a beefier approach to building his desk. He used a sizable 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe to build his desk (listed as size 8 on our web site). That gave him the look he was going for, but is not required for structural stability. If you want to slim this desk down you could also support it with 1" or 1-1/4" inch pipe.

Kee Klamp Fittings

Pipe Cuts

  • 2 x 51" Pipes for the Width
  • 2 x 20" Pipes for the Depth
  • 4 x 41" Legs for the Height of the Table


  • It looks like Jeff used this desktop from IKEA. He then added his own finish. See the IKEA Web Site for Complete Dimensions on the Desk

Other Stuff

  • Screws for attaching the desktop
  • Desktop finishing materials

Approximate cost for this desk, as it is shown here, would be around $500. You could shave off that price by using a smaller diameter pipe, sourcing your own pipe locally, or using a reclaimed piece of wood as a desktop. Still, $500 is a great price for a custom desk that is built to your specifications, can break down because of the modular fittings, and is so durable it will literally outlast you!

Kee Klamp is a wonderful solution for this type of project. It allows you to DIY your own desk and saves a bundle of cash against other standing desks on the market. The beautiful thing is that it's basically as easy as putting together a desk from the store, and you don't have to sacrifice quality. The parts are industrial, so your desk will definitely outlive you (even if you do manage to squeeze in a couple of extra years by standing instead of sitting).

Be sure to check out our desk category in our projects area. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our helpful projects team.

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