Split-Level Sitting and Standing Desk Made with Pipe

Split-Level Sit-Stand Desk

Can't decide whether to stand or sit? Why not do both? There's been Split-Level Sit-Stand Desk

This desk was designed and built by Bobby from Planksters. Don't want to DIY? You can buy this desk directly from his Etsy store. The top is made from reclaimed barn wood. The support structure is made from steel pipe and slip-on pipe fittings. The galvanized pipe and fittings give the desk a great industrial feel. Bobby showed a lot of creativity by building in angled supports on the top section of the desk. This is a solidly constructed desk at a really reasonable price.

Split-Level Sit-Stand Desk

There are many other pipe desks on our site. We hope this will inspire you to get off your butt and build a desk made with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

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