Custom Stand-Sit Workstation Desk with Shelving

Custom Stand-Sit Workstation Desk with Shelving

Jesse, from Wow Urban Ministry, constructed two of the sit-stand desks pictured below. Using slip-on pipe fittings, black pipe and solid maple he put together a standing workstation that is second-to-none.

Here is what Jesse had to say about the project:

We decided to build the desks ourselves because theres currently not a whole lot out for standing height work stations, and we were able to fit them perfectly to the space.

Theyre 7 feet long and about 80 inches tall. Theres another unit like this on the other wall (behind me). Its exactly the same.

We used 1.5 inch maple workbench tops with 1.5 inch black pipe on the bottom, and 1 inch black pipe up top. As you can see the pipes have become a place to store notes with magnets!

Jesse was inspired by the other desks on our blog and project area and used his own ingenuity to form a completely custom solutions. Congratulations to Jesse on an excellent implementation.

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