Wall Mounted Desk with Angled Supports

Wall Mounted Desk

Need an easy-to-build desk where you can use your laptop? Building a wall mounted desk is a great way to add a stylish, yet low cost desk to any room in your house. Building a wall mounted desk leverages existing structures to save you time and money. One disadvantage of the desk is that it cannot be moved about like a free-standing desk, but what you lose in flexibility you save in cost. Our customer (and many others like him) built the desk above for around $150.

Zach, from Georgia, built this great looking wall mounted desk using a couple of LC58-6 Swivel Flanges and some aluminum pipe. He attached the angled supports to a pine desktop from IKEA. Zach went the extra mile with his desk and added aluminum trim to give the desk some depth.

Wall Mounted Desk Closeup

Zach had this to say about his desk:

It's a nice clean look that helps our wood panel office look a bit more modern! Thanks SBC I'll definitely be using the Kee Lite fittings on other projects.

This Isn't Hard, You Can Do It

One of the great parts about about using Kee Lite fittings is their ease of use. The pipe is attached to the fitting with a simple set screw. A couple turns on the hex key and you've got a rigid connection to the pipe. Connecting the desk to the wall and the flanges to the desk is as simple as adding a couple of screws. This is a project for any home owner. You can do it!

Parts you'll need

Additional Supplies
  • Desktop of your choice (price varies)
  • Piece of wood to mount to wall - should be just short of the desktop length. ($4)
  • Screws and washers to attach the flanges ($4)
  • (optional) Aluminum trim to attach underneath the desktop. (~$30)

A note about pipe: Steel pipe can be used as a cheaper alternative. To get the length of pipe you need, figure out the length of the angle from the desktop to the wall. Then, you need to subtract ~6" to compensate for the length of the flanges.

Who Else Has Been Inspired By This Project?

It's great to see other people who have been inspired to pull together their own version of this desk. Below are a few examples from customers who have built their own version of the wall mounted desk.

Brad from Oakland, CA - "We built this space-saving desk with LC58-7 swivel flanges, galvanized pipe, and a wood laminate surface. Because of the step foundation of the building, a traditional desk would have resulted in wasted space. This project was a cost effective and attractive solution!"

Brad - Wall Mounted Desk


Lou from Chico, CA -" I wanted to build a "maker" table where my sons and I could work on projects. I found photos of the perfect table on the Simplified Building website. I ordered the Kee Lite Swivel Flanges and two lengths of 1 1/2 inch aluminum pipe. When I got the table top from IKEA, I had my doubts about the ability of the structure to support the weight. The project turned out to be sturdy and stunning."

Lou - Wall Mounted Desk

Lou - Wall Mounted Desk Closeup


Michael from Uniontown, PA - "I fastened two sheets of 3/4 inch plywood together. I added a mullion around the edge. Two 1/2 thick braces were attached to the wall. The braces were attached to the table with L brackets. I bought two LC 58-8 swivel brackets and a 3.5 ft piece of schedule 40 aluminum pipe. I angled the brackets and pipe to attach to a stud in the wall. This is the sturdiest wall mounted table I've seen. Thank you for an awesome product AND website!!!"

Michael - Wall Mounted Desk


Dirk form NYC - "Our kitchen already has butcher block counters, and we wanted to add another on the opposite side for our children to do their homework. We cantilevered the new butcher block counter off the hip wall separating our kitchen. Kee Lite posts keep it rock solid."

Butch Block Wall Mounted Table

We agree with our customers! Why settle for something cheap and unoriginal? Building a desk with Kee Lite will result in a desk that is rock solid and completely customized for your room!

Other Ideas To Improve this Project

  • Cut a hole in the back of the desk for cord control. This will allow chords to be fed down through the center of the desk and eliminate cords snaking around the outside of the desk.
  • Consider a wood trim. The aluminum trim looks great, but adding a wood trim would be another good looking option.
  • Paint or stain the desktop. Zach left his desktop unfinished, but a coat of stain or paint could add another dimension of style to this desk.
  • Got an idea to improve this project? Post it in the comments section below.

Build your own custom desk with Kee Lite fittings! Visit our projects gallery for more inspiration. If you need assistance, reach out to our projects team. They will be happy to help you design and build your very own wall mounted desk.

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