Wall Mounted Desks - Great For Small Spaces!

Arranging furniture to look aesthetically pleasing is already a challenge, especially with a limited amount of space. This is when it helps to think outside the box...like attaching your desk to a wall! Wall mounted desks are great for small nooks and crannies because they re-purpose an already existing structure in your room. Wall Mounted desks have a simple design, clean lines, and can make any area look good. Even more good news, you don't have to be an expert craftsman to put one together! Here are several different ways you can use a wall mounted desk, and proof that they fit well in small spaces.

iPad Desk - Wall Mounted

iPad Desk - Wall Mounted

Adam from the Fit Club 24 in The Woodlands, TX built a wall mounted desk to create an iPad station in his fitness facility. Adam wanted to provide a place for his customer’s kids to occupy themselves, but he only had a confined space to work with. Here's what Adam had to say:

"This iPad station was set up for our members' kids to use while they work out. We don't have a ‘child watch’ facility, but find that the iPad's tend to keep kids plenty entertained. Their parents can work out without being bothered, and it also keeps the kids in a safe area of our facilities. I'm not a master carpenter, but this seems to be really sturdy and only took me a couple hours to put together. The fittings I used are very easy to use and very high quality."

iPad Desk - Wall Mounted

Adam constructed this desk using LC58-6 swivel flanges, some galvanized steel tubing, and attached the components to a countertop from IKEA. He then drilled pass-through holes, covered them with trim, and ran electrical and security cables through the desk. The outcome was this durable iPad station for the kids.


Industrial Wall Mounted Desk

Another customer, Chip from Omaha, NE, wanted to add a desk to his small, but modern studio space. So he designed a wall mounted desk of his own.

"I wanted a desk with an industrial feel to match my studio space and I loved the idea of desks attached to a wall. I saw a similar project online using the IKEA desktop, and I loved this idea. I took it a step further and added LED lighting underneath the desk now it looks like my desk floats."

For this project Chip built his floating desk using LC58-7 swivel flanges and aluminum pipe. He attached the fittings to a wood countertop that matched his flooring. Doesn’t Chip‘s office area look sleek and classy?

This kind of desk is popular among parents too. Two of our customers needed additional space  for their kids to do homework, and building a wall mounted desk was the perfect solution.

Ryan from Wisconsin wanted a simple, space-saving desk that would fit in an alcove adjacent to his dining room. Ryan also used LC58-6 swivel flanges to build his homework desk, and here is what he had to say:

“I saw pictures on the Simplified Building website of wall mounted desks others made, and everyone mentioned how sturdy the desk was. I have to say, it is great! The swivel flanges allowed me to place the pipes at the exact angle I needed to. I’ve received a lot of compliments on the desk, and it is very practical.”

Wall Mounted Laptop Desk

Wall Mounted Laptop Desk


Lastly, for Matthew’s homework station, he used LC58-6 swivel flanges, a couple 363-7 adjustable angle flanges, and some schedule 40 pipe to build his industrial style custom desk. Here’s his review of our products:

“I chose your products because they looked better than any other products I researched online. My favorite part about Simplified Building products is the industrial look, and how easy theyare to use. ” -Matthew, from Texas.

Wall Mounted Homework Desk

Wall mounted desks prove to be a hit with our customers, and it may be the very project you need to fit in your space. Whether you need some extra desk space for your business, your own personal workstation, or a place for your kids, a desk like this is so versatile. Our Kee Lite fittings make it easy to build, and the end result is a simple desk you'll absolutely love!

Want to build your own? Check out the parts you need to build a wall mounted desk here.

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