Upcycle a Sitting Desk into a Standing Desk

Sitting Desk to Standing Desk

Recycling is so 1990s, long live upcycling! If your unfamiliar with upcycling, it means taking an object and making something better than it was originally. Recently I renovated my office, in doing so I built a completely new ergonomic desk. The question remained, what should I do with this great desk that I already had. Solution: I gave it to a friend of mine, and instead of leaving it a sitting desk, he upcycled it into a standing desk.

From Rags to Riches

Upcycled Standing Desk

Here are the instructions for the original ergonomic desk. I built that desk back in 2008. It has been a fantastic desk and there is nothing wrong with it. I was simply renovating my office into a new look. I could of reused the desk by repainting it or salvaging the fittings, but I figured that someone else could make better use of a complete desk. How right I was about that! Sam made the original sitting desk into something better, a full-on standing desk.

How the Transformation was Made

Standing Desk Detail

Sam used a creative method to transform the desk into a standing desk. Instead of replacing the pipe in the desk, he got some smaller diameter pipe that would slide inside of the original legs. He used a collar fitting to stop the smaller pipe from sliding up into the larger pipe at the appropriate height. The great part about this design is that the height of the desk is now adjustable. The height can be adjusted by changing how much small pipe is sticking out of the large (original) leg pipes.

Now You're Inspired, Build Something With Pipe!

We have hundreds of pipe furniture projects on this site. Please peruse our projects area and learn more of what you can build with the endless possibilities of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Using fittings, you can take just about any existing sitting desk and transform it into a standing desk. Simply remove the legs from your existing desk and add a base made from pipe and fittings. Here is a kit of parts that will allow you to turn any desktop into a standing desk. If you have any questions, free project assistance is available. We look forward to seeing what you're going to build. Once you finish, be sure to share your project with us!

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