Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Computer Desk

Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desk

Limited apartment space and dorm living often call for multi-use furniture. An adjustable height desk is a great way to have one piece of furniture that can fulfill several functions. This DIY enthusiast built themselves a desk that could be adjustable to three different heights (standing desk, sitting desk and coffee table). In the high position (shown above) it can be used as a standing desk. Shown above next to a standard height desk, the desk can be raised up to allow someone to stand while working.

Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Desk - Sit Position

In the medium position the desk can be used as a sitting desk. The height of the table in the medium position allows people to sit comfortably and work on the desktop.

Adjustable Height Desk - Coffee Table Position

In the low position it can be a coffee table that comfortably sits in front of a sofa.

Adjustable Height Table - Bottom

So how did they build this adjustable height sit-stand desk? They used Kee Klamp structural pipe fittings, some pipe and a little ingenuity. The key to the adjustable height was a Type 14 Pipe Coupling. This fitting allows two pipes of the same size to be joined together. Shown above in the shortest position, it uses one coupling to join the top of the desk and the bottom structure together. The desk height was changed by adding longer pipes and additional couplings (see below).

Adjustable Height Table - Coupling Diagram

In addition to making the sit-stand desk adjustable in height, they also added casters to the bottom of the desk to enable the desk to roll back and forth from the couch area to the desk area.

Sit Stand Desk - Bolted Support Arm

Additionally they, bolted together a couple of the combination fittings (which normally use free flowing rivets) to form the support arms underneath the desk.

Overall this an amazing sit-stand computer desk that was built together with this free-standing flat screen TV stand. Check out our projects area for more creative diy computer desk ideas. Additionally, you can contact our projects team for assistance in designing a desk using Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

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