Freestanding Flat Screen TV Stand

Freestanding  TV Stand

This person decided that they would make their own custom flat screen TV stand with Kee Lite aluminum fittings and aluminum pipe. Their TV stand was designed to sit behind a desk. The upirght pipes were supported with two different angle braces to give it vertical stability. A flat screen TV mount was then mounted to the aluminum bars. Furniture glides were mounted to the bottom of the TV stand to make it easier to move about on the carpet.

Freestanding Flat Screen TV Stand

The freestanding nature of the stand means that the flat screen TV does not need to be attached to the wall. In addition to the flat screen TV, there was another monitor arm that was attached to the stand to support another smaller computer monitor off to the side of the large flat screen television.

Freestanding Flat Screen TV Stand

This project demonstrates the kinds of customizable stuctures that can be built with Kee Lite aluminum fittings. No weleding or wood working experience is necessary. The fittings attach to the pipe with a simple allen wrench.

If you need help designing something with Kee Klamp or Kee Lite fittings, please consult our design services team. For more inspirational ideas, please continue to read this blog and check out our projects gallery.

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