Making an Inexpensive Pipe/Pole Monitor Mount

Recently we posted a completed computer gaming chair from Don Sturrock. I am in the middle of a project (details coming soon) where I want to mount a monitor to a horizontal pole. I remembered Dons project and asked him how he attached his monitor. He was kind enough to share the details and a few pictures.

I thought others would be interested on how to attach a monitor to pole or pipe, so here are the details:

Details from Don

For my monitor I used two flat 3"x5" nail plates from Home Depot and a 6" long piece of alderwood 1x4. I attached the nail plates to the 1x4 with six #4 x 3/4" screws and then lined up the monitor mount holes onto the plates, drilled them out, painted it with RustOleum Flat Black Enamel and used the screws from the monitor to attach to the plates (see pic). The metal clamps have a good bite on the pipe so I feel the monitor is secure (22" monitor).

I also sent a pic of the underside of the keyboard. you can see the velcro that attaches it to the 16" long 1x4 alderwood and the plastic clamps (sorry for the fuzzy picture).

Downsides of this Approach

In looking at this mounting approach, it may be inexpensive but there are probably some downsides to be recognized

  • Not sure how this will work on a vertical pole Don mounted to a horizontal pole (thats what Im planning on doing.)  Im not sure how this would hold if mounted on a vertical pole or pipe.
  • Scratches up the pipe Judging from the pictures, adjusting the monitor (because of the bite of the clamps) scratches up the pipe pretty good.  If youre doing something that has to have really clean look then this might not work for you.

The Alternatives

A decent pipe mount looks like its going to cost you a couple of dollars.

All pricing as of March 5, 2010.

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