Butcher Block Rolling Kitchen Island Helps You Entertain Your Guests

Kitchen Island for Entertaining

When you entertain guests, do you find yourself pulling out an old card table from the garage? Not exactly a great backdrop for your fancy hor d'oeuvres! We all want a little extra counter space for entertaining and food preparation. But how can you add extra counter space without permanently fixing a small structure in the middle of your kitchen? Margaret Mason solved this kitchen conundrum by adding a rolling table that doubles as an island.

Margaret used our Basic Table Frame Kit as a template and added her own unique features. She worked hand in hand with our Projects Team to design her very own kitchen island. By measuring out her butcher block dimensions, we were able to have all the lengths of pipe pre-cut for the frame. The pipe frame was joined together with Kee Klamp fittings. Kee Klamp made the entire structure easy to assemble. All Margaret needed to assemble the table was an hex wrench, a crescent wrench, some wood screws and a screw driver.

Kitchen Rolling Table

Margaret made the table versatile by adding a couple of locking and non-locking casters to the feet. This allows the kitchen island to roll with ease. When preparing for dinner parties, the table can be rolled into the center of the kitchen to provide preparation and serving space. By releasing the brakes, this island goes from being a place for your morning cup of coffee to additional counter space! This kitchen island goes a long way to making the most of your usable workspace.

Kitchen Rolling Table

Along with being versatile, she needed this island to be functional! Our basic table frame can only accomplish so much. Margaret needed more! She had the great idea of adding additional cross bars to the island and uses them to hold her towels. However you can hang just about anything on these! Don't need the extra towel bars? You could just as easily add shelving, cabinets, hanging hooks, and additional storage space to the frame.

Kitchen Rolling Table

Here is what Margaret had to say regarding her new kitchen island:

It is versatile because I can use it as a movable workspace, or as a gathering spot for guests in the kitchen when we entertain. We did that last night and it was a huge success. Even though it is small--25 x 48 tabletop--five/six people fit around it very comfortably for hors d'oeuvres. The casters make moving it very easy, and it's simple to lock into place. I just love it.

Butcher blocks are great to work with. They can be used for just about any table-like structure. From a kitchen island to a custom desk, coffee tables and nightstands, our projects team is here to help you.

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