Use The Right Material To Build The Ultimate Structure For Your Obstacle Race

Use The Right Material To Build The Ultimate Structure For Your Obstacle Race This Off Season

Obstacle Racing has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years. Nearly 3 million people competed in 2014 compared to just 50,000 in 2010. And it's not hard to see why people have been drawn to it. It's a chance to channel your inner animal and competitive spirit through a series of obstacles that challenge your mind, body, and soul. It's a rewarding feeling to compete in one of these challenges. The staff here at Simplified Building know full well about that.

This is where the good people at Adventure Fit come in. Josh Kravetz, President, and Adam Scott, Course Manager, of Adventure Fit came to us for their structure needs when designing and building obstacles to challenge participants in the Ultimate Athlete Games, an Obstacle Racing event associated with Men's Fitness. They are sponsored by some big names like Spike TV and

These events offer challenging courses that include an emphasis on testing the mental determination, grit, and toughness of an individual. Courses at Adventure Fit are designed to test your Speed, Endurance, Agility, and Strength. Adventure Fit chose Simplified Building's Kee Klamp products to build a variety of structures. Including a ladder climb, monkey bars, a balance structure, net climb, and many more.


Obstacle Racing Ladder Climb

Obstacle Racing Monkey Bars

Obstacle Racing Balance Structure

Obstacle Racing Net Climb

Obstacle Racing Structure

Obstacle Racing Structure


Choosing the right material for your Obstacle Race Course build is crucial. You want an obstacle that is not only creative and will push the limits of your participants but a structure that is cost effective and able to keep up with the amount of abuse put on it. There are three main types of material that can be used to build obstacles...




You Can Build It Yourself. With Kee Klamp pipe and fitting components there is no need to hire any specialized labor. It's easy to design and build yourself. It's so simple and easy to put together that your children can do it.

Huge Cost Savings. After the consideration of all factors you can save up to 50% when using Kee Klamp as compared to a welded solution.

Modularity. Kee Klamp solutions are easy to build, take apart, and transport. Many obstacle races travel the country from city to city. Do you really want to deal with the hassle of transporting a huge welded solution when you can simply take apart and rebuild a Kee Klamp obstacle in just a few hours? See for yourself just how easy Kee Klamp is to take apart and put together.

Resistant to Rust. When you decide to build an obstacle structure you want to know that it will not only last a long time but be able to survive the conditions you put it through. Kee Klamp components are known to last for 20 years without showing any rust which ensures that your structure lasts a long time even when used in those muddy, rainy, wet conditions that Obstacle Races thrive on.


Not Readily Available. Unfortunately, Kee Klamp is not sold at your local Home Depot or Lowes which means you can't just run down to the local hardware store to pick up the parts you need. So if you're the antsy type, you'll want to make sure you grab the right components prior to starting your build. No worries though, our staff is here to help.




Lot of Resources. Since welding has historically been the preferred solution in the U.S. for pipe railings and structures, there are many resources out there for welding. Not only that you should have no problem finding a welding specialist in your area.


Prone to Rust. Welded connections are known to show rust in just under two years. Which continues to our next point...

Very Costly. Since welded structures require the need of specialized labor, the cost to build a custom obstacle from welded pipe can be extremely costly. Not only that since welded solutions can rust in just two years there are higher maintenance and repair costs associated with welding with even the possibility of replacement.




Cheap. If you're budget is small there is no cheaper material for building a solid obstacle with than wood.

Easy to Build. Again, as long as you're fairly handy, you won't need any specialized labor in order to build an obstacle from wood.

Easily Available. If you need more material because you messed up or changed your mind on something you can just run to your local Home Depot to pick up some more wood.


Lack of Strength. When compared to Kee Klamp and welded solutions, wood is not nearly as strong. This could be a huge flaw considering the amount of abuse these obstacles go through. Not to mention that if one of your obstacles should fail or give way when participants are on it, you're going to have a lawsuit on your hands.

Creativity is Limited. In terms of creating the ultimate obstacle you are limited in what you can build with wood. The most unique obstacles are built with Kee Klamp or welded solutions because they can be used to build almost anything yet are strong enough to support the most brutal conditions.



When deciding what material to use for your next obstacle build, Kee Klamp is a perfect choice. If you're still unsure about whether Kee Klamp will work for your specific build or need help designing your structure, the guys here at Simplified Building are here to help you design any creation you can think of that will push the limits of your participants. Any crazy, mind boggling obstacle you can think of, we are here to help.

If you need some inspiration for obstacle building check out our Pinterest Board for Obstacle Racing Structures.


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