5 Modern Conference Table Ideas

If you're in the market for a new conference table, you probably already know that the options out there are limited. Store bought or prefabricated tables are typically bland and you don't get much back in return for value. Many of them are expensive, yet cheaply made, leaving you to wonder how long your new table will actually last.

When you build your own, you know what you're getting. On top of that, you create a unique piece that is custom to your office and your requirements. Kee Klamp fittings and pipe provide for the perfect material to build your new table because of their strength, flexibility, and ease of use. To help inspire your own conference table creation, here are 5 modern conference room tables built with Kee Klamp:

Butcher Block Top Conference Table

Butcher Block Conference Table

Cissy and her company wanted a large conference table for their office that fit the brand and type of work they do; commercial development. The final result is this fantastic conference table that fits perfectly with the other pieces in the room. The table features a butcher block table top and everything from the chairs, colors in the room, and wood flooring make this space unique.

“I stumbled upon Simplified Building while googling conference tables and instantly loved your ideas. It was super easy designing it with the help of your staff! I was able to design over the phone and internet with staff help and all was delivered to my office! No lifting, driving going crazy for me. The butcher block top and Kee Klamp base worked perfect for our look. It was great!”

Butcher Block Conference Table

Butcher Block Conference Table

Butcher Block Conference Table

Z-Frame Conference Table

Modern Conference Table

Ben wanted to create a table for his office that was unique and featured an industrial look. He also wanted to keep the furniture across the office consistent. After some searching, that’s when he came across Simplified Building. He decided to use Kee Klamp for the table and desk frames in the office. Of which, this glass top conference table was born.

Ben went with one of our kit solutions for this table. The conference table was built using our Z-Frame Table Kit. Our kits are pre-packaged solutions that make building a table or desk easy. Simply enter in your dimensions and select your desired features and your on your way. Ben appreciated the kit solution allowing for easy assembly in a unique design.

The table pairs well with the other pieces in the room and helps to create a contemporary feel in the office. The design is continued throughout the office and we’re glad Ben was able to create something unique.

Modern Conference Table

Modern Office

Concrete Conference Table

Concrete Conference Room Table

Drawing from our own office space, this conference table features a custom molded concrete slab. The table top is extremely heavy so the accompanying frame needed to support the added weight. The frame design features braces at the top and bottom of the frame to give additional support.

Since the combination of the table top and frame make this table rather heavy, we used large casters on the legs to make the table easy to move. A feature that comes in handy when we use our conference room as a studio for shooting product videos.

Concrete Conference Room Table

To go along with the conference table, we also have a side table in the conference room and coffee table in the general area, both that feature a concrete table top. Read all about this conference table and the other tables in our office in:

"Table Frames for Any Table Top"

Concrete Conference Room Table

Glass Top Conference Table

Glass Top Conference Table

Another design that takes advantage of our Z-Frame Kit, this modern conference table adds to an otherwise dull room. Many traditional office spaces feature bland white walls with neutral carpets but this piece helps to create a contemporary feel that livens the space up.

See the complete "how-to" for this table here.

Glass Top Conference Table

X-Frame Conference Table

Pipe Conference Table

Kyle was tasked with finding a conference table for his work office but after searching the internet, he was left unsatisfied by the quality of tables he was finding. That’s when he decided to go the custom route:

“I was given the task to find a conference table for the company that I work at. After looking at numerous websites that offered large conference tables made of particle board for thousands of dollars, I decided to build a custom conference table.”

Modern Conference Table

The conference table is 14’ long by 4’ wide and features a glass table top. The frame utilizes a unique “X” design for each of the legs and a pipe that runs through each to give additional support.

“The Kee Klamps worked excellent and the final product is much better looking than the tables available online (and much cheaper too!). The boss likes it because nobody can play on their phones under the table during company meetings; thanks to Simplified Building for excellent products and great customer service!”

Ultimately, Kyle got a much higher quality table by doing it himself all while saving money. You can read more about his project here.

Whether it’s design or functionality, Kee Klamp allows for the creation of a table that does both. You can rest assured that you will have a quality table that not only will last for many years to come but will look great. We offer both kits and completely custom solutions so you can find a perfect fit for your office. Browse our table kits or contact our design team to help you come up with a custom conference table.

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