Long Lasting, Durable
Industrial Clothing Racks

Save Time on Installation

Install your industrial clothing racks using just a few simple tools.


Set it and Forget It

You can rely on our clothing racks to stand up to the test of time, no matter how rigirous your environment is.

Retail Systems

Easy to Build at Scale

The modular design of our clothing racks allow you to create any size racks you need at scale.

What Sets Our Clothing Racks Apart

Industrial Strength Racks

Simple Rack industrial clothing racks are made from the same materials used to build handrails and other safety equipment. This means that the product has been engineered for industrial strength and durability.

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Kits for Any Size Business

If you are looking for a smaller clothing rack with industrial quality, we have several clothing rack kits that pack industrial quality into a retail size clothing rack. Our clothing rack kits are made in several configurations to suit your warehouse, retail store, or even household environment.

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Design Your Own Clothing Racks

Need a clothing rack to fit into your industrial space? Take advantage of our free design services. Our projects team can help you design an integrated clothing rack system that is right for your industrial space.

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We've helped customers build unique shelves, loft beds, ADA railings, and more.

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