Industrial Style Lighting : Fixtures That Shine!

Industrial Style Lighting

If you're looking to add industrial style lighting to your dwelling or establishment, then look no further. Kee Klamp provides for a superior building material for building fixtures that are easy to work with, easily adjustable, and super sturdy. The unique flexibility of Kee Klamp allows for you to build a completely custom and unique design that fits the atmosphere you are striving for. To give you an idea of the type of fixtures you can build and help to inspire your own creation, here are five industrial style lighting fixtures built with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

Overhead Lighting Fixture

Industrial Style Lighting

The lighting fixture over this bar is built with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, the main component being the Two Socket Cross fitting. This fitting allows for the creation of the t-shape present in this design letting two lengths of pipes in opposite directions to slide through it. The hollow structure of the pipe allows for wiring to run through without being exposed making for a very clean install and after product.

Industrial Spot Light

Industrial Style Lighting

Adapted to fit an existing light fixture, the designer of this lamp added a Kee Klamp 90° Elbow and spotlight to create this spectacular piece. The fitting was added by simply tightening down the set screws once slipped onto the existing pipe. The glass adds to the look of the fixture and gives it a clean, sophisticated aesthetic quality.

Contemporary Lighting Fixture

Industrial Style Lighting

A contemporary piece that is so simplistic is only requires one fitting to build. Built from just a Standard Vertical Railing Base fitting, this lighting fixture pairs well with the all white wall and is an easy addition to any modern room.

L-Shaped Industrial Lighting Fixture

Industrial Style Lighting

The above lighting fixture features a simple design that uses a 4-Hole Square Flange, small piece of pipe, and a 90° Elbow. All fittings are from our Kee Lite series that feature an industrial, aluminum finish. The metal fixtures pair well with the dark wood paneling giving this room a rustic and welcoming vibe.


Industrial Style Lighting

Bar Tube Light

Industrial Style Lighting

An experiment being cooked up in our Singapore office (very top secret stuff, I know), this industrial style lighting fixture features just a few simple elements of which the Side Outlet Elbow fitting is the main component. The fitting creates the base while a tube light is added into one of the three slots.

If you want to add industrial style lighting to your home or establishment but are a little lost for ideas or just need a little bit of help, tap into our projects team for free design assistance to help you discover a solution that will work for you. We are dedicated to helping our customers and will work with you until we find a fit that will suit your needs perfectly!


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